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  1. Hi. Do you have the passenger side mirror, needs to be heated. I mainly need the glass with no Browning on the edges, let me know how much.

    1. culshaw


      I just got both of these off ebay for about £8 each

    2. LuxuryBetGof
  2. this is the part I need, vw are charging around £77, they are found on golf mk3s too
  3. Need a brand new brake distance peddle position sensor which fits into Brake servo also if someone has a oem brand new original vw ignition switch for the golf mk3, please let me know prices thanks
  4. hi, payment sent for rock n roller and batman
  5. yeah all hidden in the boot build i done
  6. hi, to be honest i made the kit up myself. i used universal air bags from states and made plates on the coilover and got a tank and pump and air lines.. not hard but you need to get the plates designed... cost me £500 but to buy a kit i say over £2000. the ride is not better then coilovers but least i can clear bumps.......lol
  7. oh, i thought i say, my corrado is now on air, custom job and loving it, check the link below ---------- Post added at 12:55 PM ---------- Previous post was at 12:52 PM ---------- for those intrested in my golf build. heres few videos of it moving
  8. spacers sold to clump1. posted out today.. enjoy
  9. hi, many thanks clump1, payment details have been sent via pm.....
  10. thanks clumpy1, pictures sent to your email address
  11. hi, pm me your email address. i will send pics of what you need, the spacers are very clean and newish. im located in hayes in west london
  12. got a eibach 5x100 spacers with bolts,, this is the best spacers you can buy for any vr6, its in good conditon and clean. been on car for 8 months and widens your wheel by extra 25mm each side. SOLD SOLD SOLD to clump1 i also got a polished front mount interccoler capable of handling over 300bhp bought from the states. been used for 2 months., i want £60 collected got a pair of good quality m3 side skirts for a golf mk3, needs painting to suit, this aint the cheap quality.. cost me over £170 before iv got a vr6 obdi 1 head for sale also. tappets have been replaced and only done 500 miles and it good working order.. want £150 collected i got a top inlet manifold for sale, its ready for polishing, its all cleaned up and gritt removed. i want £50 posted of £40 collected got a exhaust downpipe for sale. had on car for 3 months from new.. taken off due to turbo conversion.. want £40 collected... got a set of 4 door cards for a golf mk3 3 door. its the 8v edition so black cloth trim.. very clean and want £30 for the set collected iv got a bmc f1 performance cone filter for vr6 engines, these are rare and hard to get hold of now... i want £28 for this, its been all cleaned out and oiled and ready to be fitted iv got a obdi 2 maf senser. 4 pin for sale in working order. want £25 for this posted
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