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  1. Hello, I'm after drivers side front wing if it's still available? Thanks Andy
  2. Hello, Can I ask what intercooler you used? It appears to be a good fit and a good upgrade from the standard intercooler. Thanks Andy
  3. Hello, I would be interested in a swop. I bought an early corrado bit it has a later drivers wing. The flare is bigger than the passenger side and overhangs the earlier bumper. What's your location pal? Thanks Andy
  4. These still for sale or gone? Thanks Andy
  5. Hello Graham, Can I take one of the LH door side mouldings please? I assume the RH mouldings are later MK2? Thanks Andy
  6. Andy76

    Plastic Rad Cover

    Jaybo, l could do with one as well. Did you get it off heritage?
  7. Andy76

    Front grill

    I'm after an earlier front grill in good condition? Also offside early wing.
  8. Hello, Did you sell it? Thanks Andy QUOTE=Dan7690;1095159]For sale, only been used for around 4 months last year. Everything here you need for a straight swap. £45 including postage
  9. Andy76

    Early drivers wing

    Hello, After an early offside front wing in good condition. I have a later wing on my car in great condition if anybody fancies a swop. Thanks Andy
  10. Andy76

    G60 alternator cover

    Hello, Don't seem to be able to access the pics.
  11. Hello, I'll just have the triangle and air vent for now. If I can't get a full set of mouldings I'll come back to you. Thanks Andy
  12. Hello, What do you have left for side mouldings. I am after a full set of early mouldings. Thanks Andy
  13. Hello, Do you still have the warning triangle£10 and the footwell air vent£2? I will have both please. Can you confirm the footwell vent is black and send me the part no off it please Thanks Andy.
  14. Hello, Has anybody got the plastic cover and bracket that goes on top of the alternator on the G60? Thanks Andy
  15. Sits on top of radiator cowling. Sent from my Moto G (5) Plus using Tapatalk
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