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  1. Ah i still have this car in my driveway, it hasnt moved one inch, the bricks under it look brand new, shame about the rest of the driveway. :? Can;t get the thing started, it tries to turn over, but just wont go. Just got back in the uk, so will try the ignition first (coil and dizzy changed ages ago) going to star with the switch, it seems like it isnt getting a +ve into the system. Beautiful car though, i have been driving a company merc abroad, but nothing like the feel of a corrado.
  2. Oh dear, sorry again, i was away on business. But i'm back now, got a job in guildford, not going anywhere, no excuses. I have pmed shawn. Johnny, trevb, crispy can you pm me please with paypal, bank details so i can transfer the cash ASAP. Dave i cant be arsed looking for the switch, i will just put cashin your account too. Sorry fellas for f ing up on these, it's mental breaking a car and keepinga ll records together, particurly when you get hundreds of pms a week, and lose sight of things. So i just want this all sorted, and over with. :salute:
  3. Evening gents. My sincerest aplogies for those of you that are missing parts, i have been out of the country on business for 6-12 months, and i have not been ont his ite for months, as i dont drive my corrado anymore, or use the associated email for this account either. I only found out today that i had some overdue business on here, when i googled Khurrado. I have emailed those that i recall, pls anyone else, add to this thread. Shawn - Parts did not arrive, i owe you £150. Email me. Johnnyboy - Window switch, i forgot to send before i went abroad, i owe you £11. Dave16v, i owe you the abs switch that you sent back to me, i will psot it to you as agreed.......months ago, after you sent it back to me. Trev? £10 for pass door seal. Crispy, £30 for subframe. If there is anyone else, please let me know on this thread ,i will keep my eyes on it from now on.
  4. Take it to another MOT station
  5. Is that a recent issue? No, 10 years old.
  6. yes. It will increase powerflow.
  7. Ive got a great max power at home, with a menacing g60 edition 1 cover. The rest, are unfortunately, rubbish. IMO.
  8. £350????????????????????????????????????????? L:ook for corrados being broken online, and get a second hand one for £50. Or buy the kit, pay a mechanic £40 to fix it in for you. £350 is too much imo.
  9. I agree.ok.jpg[/attachment:8173f]
  10. TCS. They are on autotrader arent they? From what i remember they are quite expensive. Best bet, if you find a car you like, post it on this topic and we can advise u further from there.
  11. Well if it makes u feel better at all, i too am in a similar situation. With some difference, being that, a motorcyclist drove head on onto my passenger side whilst he was driving round a bend on the wrong side of the road. He now, seems to think it was my fault. And im being inundated with calls from various companies/agencies/and a PI. WTF? Police were at the scene, but they will not release statements etc. W*nker. Good luck with your claim.v :?
  12. In that price range, have a look in the cars for sale section here. Forum users generaly look after their cars. Also, imo go for a later spec model from the valvers, 92/93 onwards.( 2.0 16v). And leather will cost you around £500-£750 2nd hand, so id try my best to find a corrado with leather, fsh with receipts, under 130k mileage etc. For more detailed info on buying a 16 v corrado and tuning a 16v engine (and more), look in the knowedge base.
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