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  1. I just spent 4 years working for GSF & whilst some of their items may be worse than others, the G60 oil filters are excellent quality. One thing to be wary of is wether they supply the correct filter or not - the G60 filter is unique to that model only & is the only one that I'm aware of with the non-return valve. The factor oil filters that you speak of are not necessarily bad quality - they are just not intended for fitment to a G60. This is a cataloging error & not a quality issue.
  2. One thing that I would warn people against is the fitting of solid aluminium front engine mounts. The threads are not strong enough & engine torque will rip the mounting bolts out - I speak from experience.
  3. Nooooooo :shock: Get a VAG oil filter ALWAYS. The VAG one has the tiny non-return valve So has the GSF one . :wave:
  4. If the 0 comes first when rotating the flywheel towards you - that will be the advance mark. You're correct on the timing - timing gun set to 0 degrees advance & use the 6 degree mark on the flywheel.
  5. Easy way to tell which way round the marks are - when standing in front of the car, looking through the spy hole in the bell housing & rotating the flywheel towards you, the 1 should appear about an inch or so before the 0 does. If this is the case, the 1 is definitely the 6 degrees advance mark.
  6. From memory - 0 = TDC 1 = 6 degrees advance Use a non adjustable timing light & time to the '1' mark (6 degrees BTDC). If you're using an adjustable timing light, set the timing light to 0 degrees advance (TDC) & time the car to the '1' mark, as above Don't forget to unplug the blue temp sender when using the timing light, this will disable any corrective timing that the car will make. Re-connect the blue temp sender after you've set the timing.
  7. The bottom picture is the same as all of the G60 pads that I've ever fitted. The spring on top of the pad enables the sliding part of the caliper to clamp the pads in place in order to stop them rattling around. Both the G60 & VR6 use this type of pad.
  8. I fitted a 74Ah on my G60 so that it would comfortably power my rather large sound system for 2-3 hours & then still have enough power left to start the car. Batteries are generally just used to start the engine & power the alarm while the car is parked. 62Ah is easily enough for Corrados during general usage. If you plan to leave the car parked for longer than 2 weeks with the alarm armed - fit a bigger battery. If you use your sound system for entertainment on campsites (like I used to do) - fit a larger battery.
  9. Nice one - my ex-g/f bought one of those a couple of months ago. Very quick, apparently.
  10. tug, GSF sell both types of rear bumpstop
  11. stevemac


    Spot on Jim - email is correct. Cazza16v, CCGB window stickers are currently unavailable - we're having some new ones made with the corradoclub.org web address on them. 1 sticker will be issued FOC to every CCGB member who wants one, as soon as they are available.
  12. Republic Of Mancunia, GSF own brand batteries are better than the Bosch ones IMO. They're made by one of the better OE batttery suppliers to Mercedes ! Not sure if a 74ah battery will fit a VR though - not so much space in the engine bay for it as there is on the 4cyl models
  13. Looks like you've picked up a bargain there Andy. :wink:
  14. Difficult to diagnose without seeing the car. I wouldn't be surprised if one of your outer CV joints is the cause.
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