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  1. yeah was disapointed with the hella anyone else notice how rubber stuff doesnt last now , had ball joint and rocker cover gaskets fail /perish before fitting lol im going to stock pile any quality parts i can find for future use, it will only get worse
  2. circoli thermostat , failed from new hella temp sender faulty from new intermotor temp sender faulty from new think topran /meyle fool a few people with the badging ...packed in germany but the parts are from wherever , mixed bag try and avoid if possible idealy unless in a pinch the parts need to have a known brand on them or a used genuine is better than a china special
  3. disconect the o2 sensor and see what happens
  4. send them away for cleaning all inj cleaner in the tank will do is loosen any deposits then they will collect in the micro filter thats inside the injector , its not a massive amount of money to have them cleaned and checked if its smoking might be a stuck piston ring
  5. https://www.k-data.org/kdfi-pnp-vw-pg-g60.html any thoughts on this ? sounds intresting
  6. possibly a cracked flange , and check your rad fan comes on when its stood idling
  7. switches do check out ..but yeah have to wonder if its sticking once in a while did wonder if injectors dribbly or funny pattern , but then it idles and seems fine most of the time
  8. my g60 has had an annoying random stumble when going from coasting , say going around a T junction or sharp corner then onto the gas it sometimes has a slight stumble then carrys on as normal , cant make it repeat itself and doesnt seem to be any pattern , idles fine , pulls fine everything is in good order , quality service parts etc cam and ign timing checked o2 sensor unplugged makes no odds tried some plugs and leads any ideas please
  9. unless its kept in a heated garage and never driven in the rain the factory plating doesnt last that great , needs painting anyway or plating to a higher standard
  10. what you desribe pretty much like worn big end shells , was alot on the forums about it years back and mine did it little rattle at light loads /coasting along near a wall , goes away if you boot it if its not gone too far its not too bad to buy new shells and drop the sump off and replace them
  11. over 6 weeks for me then it was damaged i buy elsewhere if at all possible
  12. id go along with that too you dont really want more braking at the rear anyway . 38mm that work as they should will be fine
  13. ask if the ends are stainless , if not they fester fast if you use the car in winter id stump up the extra for stainless ends
  14. yeah well the options are there with the mk4 era cars , myself i fitted the oem audi tt short shifter part and honestly its still standard feeling , its not all race car , but you can have a play around and see what suits you
  15. swapped all mine over , o2j tower and cables and gearstick off a cupra 20v , its well worth doing and improves it alot , also can get short shifts to go with it if thats your thing
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