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  1. nice one mate, I was looking at cup holders to finish off the centre panel - unforunately never got chance to do it. I've added you to my friends list in xbox live, I'll give you a shout next time I organise a PGR match. Lippy
  2. i wouldnt kick one out of bed, im feeling that red aswell
  3. cai ur in mate jack, mk1 cant seem to add ur tags into friend request, try and add me, Sintellins
  4. i love the wedge aswell, especially with straight thru exhausts
  5. Righto, Seen as there is some xbox 360 owners out there, I thought we could do a PGR3 forum Grand Prix. say 8pm tonight, don't really know what the best way of managing it is - been a while since i've played PGR3, seem to remember you can create a private game or something. Anyways, post in here if you can make tonight, I'll add you to my friend list so I can send out the game invite. Results to follow tomorrow! Lippy
  6. ah nice once, a heart warming tale of common human decency (in the end!!) :D
  7. thought as much, cheers mate. Is that due to the engine mounted longways rather than across?
  8. the 147 are meant to better than the 156, colleague had a 156 and was really chuffed with it, no probs and fit as fook with the quilted leather and general interior niceness I imagine there will always be niggles - but thats part of the hobby factor, downright problems I guess would be few n far between but well documented, get on an alfa forum and get the dirt.
  9. i looked a little dubious when the strayed into offering cheap house fuel aswell, gas and leccy etc. Hopefully proven wrong, but seems like they may have bitten off too much?
  10. quick question is the 4wd on the s3/tt is it haldex? is this different to the other quattro systems used by Audi?
  11. good grief - anyone heard anything from this - I'd forgot I'd registered!!!!
  12. lots of tuning potential through autodelta aswell, google will be your friend and wallets enemy! they do big brakes and superchargers :D so not your cup of tea really ;)
  13. i like em, although they are meant to be quite nose heavy which may alter the handling somewhat, imagine the tyre wear rate will be heavy. From looking into the alfa v6's they are meant to be quite solid engine wise, so long as the standard cam belt is changed etc. There is an alfa forum on pistonheads, with a few gta owners, head over there and see what you think. Personally, I think they have much more character than either s3/4mo but the quattro drive train + remap would make it a diff choice. The alfa alloys are fit aswell IIRC, Keep us posted :D
  14. dont forget tho, the brands associated with gumball know what the event is about and are basing their marketing on the thrill and hijinx of the competition. If anything their $$$ support is partially responsible, atleast morally, cause if it was seen to be "tame" then they would not be interested
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