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  1. or the fact Classic Green is a Pearl paint so gives off a different colour dependant on lighting conditions
  2. I think peeps here are getting confused and thinking its overmats you are offering,now I'm maybe wrong here but I take it,that its replacement complete interior carpet shaped for the Corrado? if so then that seems to be quite a decent price,well going by how much it would cost for me to get my 993 re-carpetted
  3. the PCV is normally cheaper to get from Ford(shared with the Galaxy V6 aka Sharan VR6),as VW want you to buy all the extra hose,whereas you can get the PCV itself from Ford(circa £35)
  4. from memory Classic car policies normally stipulate that the classic car you are insuring isnt your main car
  5. the fan cowling? if so i picked one up from VW easily enough(albeit it did have to get ordered from Germany) late last year
  6. r u lookin at the same car mate :pukeleft: deffo,if you take your rose tinted glasses off you will see where I'm coming from,the Corrado has some awkward styling from the front,whereas the Alfa is evenly balanced,If the Alfa had the same reliability and build quality as the Corrado I think I'd be an Alfa owner
  7. you are mad :cuckoo: much as I love the Corrado the Alfa Romeo knocks socks off it with its styling(inside and out)
  8. the last made would have been in 1995 seeing as they stopped production in Summer 1995
  9. always been my Favourite Corrado of all time Bill :notworthy: :notworthy: :notworthy: :notworthy: :notworthy: :notworthy: :notworthy: :notworthy: :notworthy: :notworthy: you keeping well i take it? :salute:
  10. also dependant on how her boss has his other businesses set up,that can be disregarded btw she doesnt work in/at the food courts in the Bon Accord centre by any chance?,as from what I know if its them its down to the Centres having a refurbishment and no fault of the business who operate the food courts at present
  11. please tell me that you know that ALL Corrado's were built in Osnabruck and just because it says "Hecho En Mexico" on a Corrado part doesnt make it built in Mexico,as for the Wolfsburg "origin" of your own motor thats more than likely down to Corrado's being ordered via VW HQ in Wolfsburg
  12. private plates can be put on anything that is newer than the plate,so J being the 91/92 prefix can be put on anything post Aug 91 including a brand spanking new 60 plate car,you cant however put a newer plate on a car that is older than the plate,so you cant put a 60 plate on a 59(new style) reg'd car it wont show in the V5/logbook if its a Storm or not
  13. I'm surprised Martin wanted the car even with your recommendations, he seemed to think that all C's are better sent to the scrappy. I just kept quite, didn't want to annoy the sales man as it where... :lol: Tho Martin aka Lumley aka McB aka Marty didnt seem to mind having a long term loan of my C 3/4 years ago,but right enough he does enjoy breaking Corrado's,that must be at least his 3rd breaker,its a shame as about 4 years ago that was quite a nice G60 as it was quite local to me
  14. http://www.mib.org.uk/Customer+Services ... efault.htm ask the advice of the above as for the operator at the Police to be fair on them they are basically normally just civilians and have no real knowledge of the relevant laws
  15. it still could be genuine tho,the CS could also be ordered with most of the deleted stuff back on(ie standard seats,rear wiper and met paint etc),the only sure way to check is by contacting Porsche GB
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