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  1. It was. Now becoming an 8v n/a track car....
  2. mr.brown

    G60 LAMBDA

    I'm running one of those - it's listed for a mk3 Goof iirc
  3. Yup. But getting rid as they're just too heavy with the subframes. Going single seater stripped out type thing.
  4. Looks a bit different now...
  5. Read thru this too http://forums.vwvortex.com/zerothread?id=1894286
  6. Could any one with a standard Corrado leather steering wheel please let me know the internal and/or external diameter? I'm at work trying to order a new steering wheel but my car is at home and I forgot to measure the steering wheel. Grateful for any help..
  7. No, but I've seen the pics of it at Inters and it looks mint. Hopefully mine will look as good this time next year :wink:
  8. Howdy folks. I've been lurking around the forum for a while but have only just got my type 53 on the road (thanks to the guys at The Phirm) after two years. Mechanically the car has been totally rebuilt - virtually every single component has been replaced. Mods include: Powerflex bushes all round Supersprint 4 branch + 2.5" Jetex system Weitec damping adjustable coilies Jabbasport induction kit + RSR (cheers Billinjah) The engine is standard and the charger rebuilt to standard spec by G-Werks. The intercooler is a Saab "blackstone" type. And it has got Corrado wheels and steering wheel :) Only clue as to the powerplant (cheers to VR6Storm for the badges)
  9. As pointed out above all mk1 Sciroccos suffer badly from rust. The main areas to check are the rear axle mounting points - rust here is pretty terminal. Repair panels are available but the time/expense fixing this means that restoration is never (financially) worthwhile. Other important bits to check are - inner wings as replacements are very difficult to get hold of. fuel filler neck - new ones next to impossible to find Contrary to popular belief you can get hold of panels but as you would expect they're not exactly off the shelf items. More often you'll find a car being broken and you'll have to accept used items (I've just won a mk1 this morning on ebay for £90). On the plus side, a mk1 Scirocco Storm is basically a mk1 Golf GTI underneath so ALL mechanicals are the same and hence (fairly) readily available. Moneywise, I paid £1400 for a 63k two owner car in 2004 and then sold it for £2000 after spending £600 on it. It wasn't mint but as close as. There's one on the Scirocco register atm (one family from new) with 130k for £1200 ovno. At these sorts of values it's difficult to justify the time/effort/expense spent restoring one. Saying all of that, I've spent £1000s on mine but then, I probably won't ever sell it :) Oh, and they only weigh 800kg so will whup most Corrados :-P , especially with one of these - More pictures of mk1s (and even a couple of Corrados) from Roadstar - http://www.roccomafia.co.uk/Roadstar/index.htm
  10. Cheers Darren. Looks like I have a dodgy dipstick tube then. I have the flat style dipstick but it won't go through. It doesn;t seem like there's a blockage - if I blow down the dipstick tube, air comes out the breather hole (engine is in garage btw). How easy is it to replace the whole tube?
  11. Do G60s have a dipstick with a flat blade-like profile or a round one? And is the breather (press. reg. valve) always flat or did earlier cars come with a mk2 Golf style round one? Grateful for any assisitance.
  12. Hey folks, first post as I'm in the middle of a G60 conversion. Whilst I've got the engine in bits I thought it might be a good idea to renew the injector inserts. I've tried a 10mm hex bit thru the centre but all I've succeeded in doing is rounding the hole out. Is there an easier way to do this or should I leave well alone? Grateful for any advice. Sean
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