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  1. The part number matches the part number on my air con condenser, if you remover your grill the part number should be written on the left hand side of the condenser, I recentely replaced my coolant rad and was debating wether to replace the air con condenser too but decided not too, but wish I did now as it was falling apart when I took it out!
  2. Found somewhere that does a replacement air con condenser here: http://www.kuehler-rath.com/Universal89041Kondensator-
  3. Thanks mate, can take a trip up to you in the next few weeks, will let you know, just need to comfirm theres no mobile phone bracket holes in it anywhere?
  4. Im after a dashboard in black with no holes if you still have it?
  5. Pretty sure the late dashboard is slightely more rounded where the centre console fits in
  6. Need a late black dashboard if anyone can help.
  7. Havent heard again from bristolbaron, so I guess theres yours mate, would help a lot if you can collect.
  8. Sorry tanvr6, ive only just noticed your pm, received your pm at 11:06am, forum says bristolbaron posted 15 hours ago which would be around 9:30am, don't really know what to do now, whoever buys them, I would much prefer collection
  9. Yep still available, would prefer collection, but can still post if you want me to
  10. Most people use 205/40/17s, but you can fit 215/35/17 or 195/40/17 with no problems
  11. Too late, just ordered it, pretty sure it will be ok, the part number matched mine, thanks
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