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  1. I have my G60 up for auction on Collecting cars. Please feel free to share. https://collectingcars.com/for-sale/1991-volkswagen-corrado-g60-2
  2. Would you know if the G60 is the same?
  3. Never knew the Supercharged badge was fitted as standard! Wonder why mine and plenty others don't have them on then. Thanks for that, but I was hoping to find exactly where the "G60" badge went, like dimensions from the Corrado script badge. Sent from my SM-S916B using Tapatalk
  4. Thanks, I wonder if these were fitted in the factory or at the dealers as some people on the FB have them on different places, unless their cars had been painted of course!
  5. Can anyone supply the measurement for location of the Rear G60 badge compared to the "Corrado" script badge?
  6. After 8 years of sitting not getting used I am in the process of getting my G60 running again. After first fewstart ups I noticed my LCD panels on the dash were not working initially but and partially lite up but not showing figures/digits correctly yet. Also the rev counter only now flickers off the stop pin and shows no Revs? Anything worth checking, all help appreciated 🙏
  7. skid

    G60 spark plugs?

    That plug is a WR4DP0! I still can't anywhere that can supply even WR6DP0 plugs. JMR state to use nothing else!
  8. skid

    G60 spark plugs?

    That's funny as i checked online and also called them and they say they don`t and cant stock Bosch! He even tired a company that they know and they dont list that plug either!
  9. skid

    G60 spark plugs?

    Eurocarparts dont List them or could be found when doing an online search.
  10. skid

    G60 spark plugs?

    Is Bosch W6DPO still the recommended plugs to go for? If so where do all you guys get them as none of my local Factors can supply!
  11. skid

    TT Wiper Arms

    I bought off this guy on FB recently, he is an Audi Breaker and said he had plenty of them. I got mine for £45 Delivered. https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100021700151268
  12. Thats great, what figures were they at before adjustment?
  13. Any more thoughts on this guy's?
  14. skid

    ISV Cleaning

    You can get specific MAF cleaner spray. I also spray a light lube into the ISV once I clean mine. I replaced my Damper box from VAG this year. Spray all the vacuum hoses with carb or brake cleaner and see if the revs rise, if the do you have a leak. Even better get a local garage to smoke test the vacuum system if they have the right equipment.
  15. I understand they are adjustable but will it be enough on standard bolts to get back from -2.25? I have Koni Coilovers, which are dropped about 1 inch.
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