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  1. It was rear sills which were repaired for mot twice but rotted again 2 years later. Needs to be properly repaired and a full respray. Stealth rebuilt the engine with a rebored bottom end. 6k is a joke really but if that's what they are asking up to them I've washed my hands with it.
  2. Jon_vr6

    stock vr6 cams

    I have some of these were took out of my car when I went 263 cams.
  3. Just thought id update this thread as ive just found an 8M roll of this which i never used. 8M will do the 2 front doors with a bit of trimming for excess. Will post on my for sale thread if anyones interested http://the-corrado.net/showthread.php?110024-Corrado-parts-for-sale
  4. He's made me an offer but I havnt accepted.
  5. Yeah should be i bought it all with the impression it would be enough for both doors. will PM you
  6. bump couple more parts added
  7. Ive got one of the arlows radiators few slightly bent fins from storage but its brand new never fitted will put some pics up in a bit it has the important top radiator brackets already welded on and a couple of extra brackets as it was going to be for my old corrado which had slimline fans (these could be cut off if not needed. [url=https://ibb.co/t4kPR7w https://ibb.co/427cVBF https://ibb.co/n8x70hV https://ibb.co/PGCPzhH https://ibb.co/N1z6YvY https://ibb.co/x8Xdwfn]https://ibb.co/t4kPR7w https://ibb.co/427cVBF https://ibb.co/n8x70hV https://ibb.co/PGCPzhH https://ibb.co/N1z6YvY https://ibb.co/x8Xdwfn Cost me £212 excluding postage from netherlands and welding. So willing to sell it for £190 posted
  8. Very true Dox, nc_corrado you will need LHD lenses
  9. Hi I'd much rather sell in the UK mate especially with the lenses being glass. Cheers jon
  10. Yep 6 big clips under plastic surround unclog those and the glass comes out.
  11. I can do that mate pm on it's way
  12. Youve bought tons off me mate ill do it for £35 delivered. I'll pm you
  13. Postage to Ireland would be £8.95
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