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  1. Willing to consider offers
  2. Bloke wanted the car mainly for the plate. Up to him what he puts the car up for I got the money I wanted for it.
  3. That I definitely don't have mate sorry
  4. Sold thanks for picking up Robert. Jon
  5. Corrado parts for sale have a lot so will update as I get through the boxes. I'm 100% trust worthy so could any payments by PayPal be sent across as paypal gift/friend to avoid fees please. Bank transfer also accepted. Front door seals that attach to the body of the car 8M roll so enough to do both doors made by seals direct. Like these https://www.vwheritage.com/535837911a-door-aperture-seal-left-or-right-vw-spare £80 posted Late sunroof motor 535 959 731 sold to me as known working but never used myself one screw missing to bolt to roof but if replacing can just use old screws £25 posted 2 x bullet door pins £5 delivered http:// https://ibb.co/PcWH5cQ Storm gear surround it's a fake (got a sticker made up) but if someone wants it to make their vr6 faster then here you go. £25 delivered http:// https://ibb.co/WBvrzWq
  6. :lol: that was quality mate. Hope you're keeping well mate?
  7. Mk7 gti performance pack in night blue. Some may say why not a golf r but to be honest I don't need 300bhp and I didn't want the bigger risk of theft.
  8. Just thought I'd post up and say what a pleasure it's been to have had a corrado and the brilliant help I've received along the way. Today the corrado drove off with its new owner. I was losing the love and couldn't do what I wanted to do to it with it being my daily car. I've since got a new gti which I'm enjoying driving and don't have to worry about something going wrong haha. Anyway I might pop on now and again but for now thanks guys and girls it's been a pleasure and keep driving these iconic cars. Bye for now
  9. I've got a right-click central locking module installed works brilliantly.
  10. Jon_vr6


    So the bit circled in blue has play on both sides. My car has a wavetrac if that makes any difference?[ATTACH=CONFIG]96280[/ATTACH]
  11. Jon_vr6


    Well got it to the garage and they've checked usual suspects for the noise cv joints etc but all good. Then they noticed that where the inner cv joints join to the gearbox have excessive play in the flange. Does this sound plausible to people? Will post a pic of where I mean. Plan is to drop the gearbox and investigate further.
  12. Jon_vr6


    Surely I'd get that at idle but I don't.
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