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  1. Car looked great yesterday! :)
  2. Looks great as always Gareth, missing mine now! :?
  3. G60MAT

    5th gear

    Nice work James, car looked great on TV, your looking after her very well! cheers for the pics too! Matt :)
  4. yeah, whats the deal with that??!! I have big plans! Something a little different second time round! :wink:
  5. Welcome back indeed! I sold mine last week and already looking for a new one! :D
  6. Had my Corrado a year on so, came with a Clarion head unit which I upgraded to a Sony but have the same fault. It's wired so that the stereo comes on when I turn the ignition on, but it only works about half the time? As if something is not always connecting? After its been off, when it does come back on the sereo has lost all presets. Must be wiring on the car, not the head unit and don't want the stereo wired to be on all the time.
  7. Updated the build thread on Edition38.com under reader rides, cheers guys.
  8. G60MAT

    Boot Toolkit

    Sort of an interior question! Other than the spare wheel, what should I have in the boot in a '95 VR6 as standard? Tools and bits and pieces etc... Cheers,
  9. Just got some new Audi TT 312MM front brakes, but has anyone bothered to upgrade the rears with any sucess?
  10. The wheels are long gone, thanks to the 'bay! on TT Comps for now but debating over 17" RH ZW1's or BBS's at present..... will post some more pics up at weekend...
  11. This interior will be for sale soon, anyone got black leather or a pair of race seats to swap or px?
  12. What Audi & Porsche brakes fit on a 95 VR6, believe Audi TT 312mm will fit, I'm running 17" Alloys, but what else from Audi and Porsche, going for the german OEM parts bin look! :D Any recommendations?
  13. Here's another one for you, same car at Edition 38 yesterday!
  14. Thanks, also heard good things about Prestige Wheels over the weekend, anybody used these? Cheers
  15. Hi Guys, Anyone got anyone good to recommend for wheel refurbs round Manchester/Cheshire. I need a couple of sets doing. RH's - painted centres, chrome rims. BBS 2 piece splits rims. Any recommendations? Thanks.
  16. Cheers mate, don't think you have any competiition to worry about just yet! :lol:
  17. Just got a 95 VR6 with both original keys. Whats the best and easiest way to add remote locking? Thought most Corrado's like this were total closure - doors/windows/sunroof?
  18. Yeah it is the original plate supplied with the car, the guy who bought if new must have known about the US spec SLC, will leave it on for now though! Needs a damn good valet this weekend, then some new alloys first.... get those speedlines on the 'bay next week!
  19. Looks sweet, nice work fella!
  20. Cheers mate, think I owe you a few beers for this one! Got a few subtle plans for her already!
  21. Thought I'd add a few pics on my '95 Satin Silver Corrado VR6. Picked it up on Saturday. Its totally standard, even has original dealers sticker and plates. Full history and only 69K! Great condition with only a few minor jobs to do. Won't look this standard for long though ;)
  22. Not a great pic, but is this what your after? Was at GTI Int on the Sunday this year. Cheers,
  23. cheers guys, will start reading up!
  24. Anyone out there put a TT dash into a Corrado, after any help or tips or pics??
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