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  1. As above, looking for a good vr6 alternator. - (not concerned on amp spec) Quiet - no bearing noise and in good working order. Thanks Paul
  2. Thats a common issue.. If you remove your alternator - no need to disconnect wiring - (will reach and rest it on top of engine) undo bolts and remove the " p gasket " bracket assembly you can get a pair of mole grips on each of them and undo.. High chance you will need to file / block sand the ally housing before refitment too as is will be pitted.. Blow away with airline if poss any coolant so bone dry or sealant / gasket can weep on reasembly The material "p gasket" (older version) is better than the metal type for slight corrosion sealing faces.. A liberal amount of hylomar on all faces. Put back together.. Lightly coat the 3 replacement bolts in copper slip.. A dob of threadloc on all bolts. Paul
  3. I was in my rado but about 5 cars back in stationery traffic at the oundle roundabout heading into Peterborough.
  4. Saw a grey m plate heading into oundle just before 12 today.
  5. I tried powerflex bushes when i refurbed my axle and found them too solid. On hard cornering when pushing on b roads it felt like the rear of the car wanted to break traction with the road.. Replaced them with Superpro ones and love the transformation. They are made from different grade material throughout the bush so gives firmness and compliance.. Lifetime warranty too if im not mistaken..
  6. Il take the badge mate.. Can you pm me your details and i will send funds.. Paul
  7. Thanks Fla. Iceviolet can you pm me your details and I will send funds. Paul
  8. Badge received.. Bulletproof wrapping [emoji106]
  9. Package received.. Thanks mate.
  10. Cool, can you pm me your details and I will send funds..
  11. Interested in the battery bag. How much posted mate? Paul
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