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  1. Update (yes, i'm slow. I do it when I can. Don't have own garage/good place to work on it) Next step. Mount them and we will see what happens.
  2. Hello I have the O-rings sets. But I don't understanding what is talking about here. What I should replace? Which part is yellow here? I only see ORANGE. Am I daltonic?
  3. I just bought a pack of 4 seals set por 8EUR from BOSCH. Comparing references it seems the same. But didn't come with the micro-filter like this set does: https://www.ebay.es/itm/332423959672 What size this filters has? In AE there's a lot of them
  4. Hi, Today I cleaned injectors one by one using syringue as a fuel ramp, and a lot of PTFE to keep the pressure inside. I saw how the spray on every injector became from 3-4 streams to a visible an audible spray. So, for me are cleaned and ok, but didn't check for leakings. Maybe in the future. First I want to know if the car will run well. My doubt now it's about the seals replacements. My injectors reference are: 0280150905 and this is the reference ETKA says: 030 198 031 VWClassic has stock, but I don't know where the gray seal and one of black seals are fitted: My injector: Two of black seals, one orange at the end. But the other two? I don't have here the injector, buy maybe the gray it's near the orange?
  5. Nice advice. Thank you, I will check it.
  6. I just asking because the car is not running now, so maybe I can install the mirror myself. But I will do that are you saying, @Wullie, and bring it to my workshop to do that. They already know me. Thank you guys.
  7. What type of drink do you think should be
  8. Hi, I just bought the mounting for interior mirror (after years searching it for a reasonable price!). So, what I need to do to mounting? What type of glue I need? Thanks
  9. No. All four are dirty, but if i'm not wrong, piston head are black, so I can't assure you 100%. BUt looking at how spark plugs came out every time, it's very possible they are. I have pending to buy a mobile endoscope accesory to look inside the cylinder.
  10. Before I open the thread there (no time now), this is what it need to be replaced on every injector? https://www.volkswagen-classic-parts.com/catalog/en_global/search?q=030 198 031 This item x4 times? 40 euros on that? There is another option? I saw Topran one, but this brand is not reliable I think... And we talking about fuel is an important system of the car. Cannot mount poor materials.
  11. Thank you @Popeye775 I will open a thread on Vortex, to talk about bad fuel mixing. I know this a so talked topic about, but not always they are good. Thanks for the advice for AFR gauge, I will definetely take a look.
  12. They are OEM, Beru. But +10 years old. They don't have too much mileage (I'm sure < 3000kms), but they are old and a lot of cold start-ups + fuel supply issues + ignition issues. The mixture I'm sure is not good, because before I found wiring issues, I manipulated CoPot and so... I will set to 500ohms. Yes, I have Bentley. But before replace spark plugs I think I'll check/listen with stethoscop/clean the injectors. Also I will check if exists spark on every spark plug.
  13. Hi, Just did the timing. I don't know if it's perfect, but the engine can run up, the "only" issue now It's I think injector #3 is dead or stuck, because spark plug #3 every time I run up engine and dismount them, it's completely dry and clean. So next I'm gonna need to do is dismount the injectors and send them to repair and clean. I will open new thread about this if I need some hints. Thanks you guys for your help in fixing my car wiring.
  14. UPDATE Hi everyone. After two weekend I return to real important things: my Corrado. Previous day got pending to install charged battery and check voltage at hall sender. So this is what I did today and voilà! I got 11.20V at Hall Sender connector! 💪 I checked spark, turning distributor by hand: all good. So I tried to run the engine and it run up easy but very bad idle. Need to adjust ignition timing and CO2. So, I think I can say this issue is (finally) closed.
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