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  1. I thought about this when I opened my filler flap. I agree it looks a good quality job, totally refreshed it.
  2. I think it would be cheaper to get the wheels machined to 57.1. My wheels came from rimstyle and they sorted the machine work and spacers. The wheels and spacers were machined so the centre bore spacer fits the Corrado disc boss as I think they had a bigger bore Than 57.1
  3. Not far off now. I bet you can almost smell the fumes
  4. It’s had at least 3 owners since I let it go. It’s interesting to note that none have kept it longer than 12 months or there abouts. I and the last owners have sold it for what it was worth. It’s not the finished show winner that 12k would buy you. It’ wasn’t also a under sold £7.5 .8k bargain. I had 2 Corrado’s for 8 years, one had to go. You yourself mentioned the other day about running 2 classics, it can get a bit much. Space, time and money being the usual factors. I also thought that I’d sold it on in a lot better condition than I bought it, which is reflected in the fact that I sold for twice as much as I bought it for.
  5. Best Value £1300 spent on the car 👍
  6. I believe that to be my old car M50 OTH. Never had the chains done or any other engine work while I had it. sold it to a guy who said he was going to finish it off and cherish it. 😂 sold it 2 or 3 years ago for £7.5.
  7. I keep threatening my self with the polo gear shift conversation, but can’t get it together. Some good progress made there matey.
  8. I know, when I first read it I thought “ sounds like he’s 13 having his first finger fumble. 😂😂😂
  9. What exactly does “and everything” mean 😂😂
  10. You could get a spacer bored to 56mm and 57.1 I’ll get a photo later of my spacers on the 17’s. 17’s offer a lot more grip but aren’t very speed bump friendly
  11. If these are what you are going for I would allow for 5-6mm spacers and longer bolts. as the wheels are the same size ( 6.5” wide) as standard speedlines but bigger et they will sit 6mm further in and may catch your coil overs, it will look funny even if they bolt on without catching anything on think. My 17” BBS have spacers to punch them out a bit.
  12. The bigger the et the more it’s sits into the arch. The smaller the number the more the wheel pushes out of the arch. That why wheels with big lips/dishes generally have a low offset and rub your arch’s
  13. How much did the recon ones set you back
  14. I meant can I have your adapter please
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