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  1. 123 456 miles. What's the chances of that 😀 pure madness must be a Devine sign. good luck 👍 But I don’t think you will need any of that, it looks great.
  2. Mines been tucked up warm mostly. It’s on holiday at stealth at the mo having a couple of things looked at.
  3. Well done matey. Just in time for the supposed incoming spring weather.
  4. Yes but it takes a cut from the seller
  5. Hey Brandon that’s epic but not much detail or photo was expecting a bit more detail I have a vr6 turbo in Aqua blue looks like this
  6. I think it’s a case of members keeping their wits about them and not paying via PayPal to friends and family to sellers or there is no way to get your money back. Some people just have no morals and see it as kind of game. I’d rather pay cash on collection no matter where it is, if the seller is relatively unknown. If I sell to someone it’s the same or you can get what happened to Keyo, with his roof rails and someone cutting them up claiming off of PayPal and sending his rails back damaged. It’s a bit of a mine field to navigate these days.
  7. welcome What flavour Corrado have you got?
  8. 1xshaunx1

    Coilover help

    You have to set it, bounce it, roll it back and forth a bit then measure to the highest part of the wheel arch on the wings to get all corners to look level and equal. When you think you’ve got it go for a drive and measure again. As Dox says one factor is all the engine sits centre to driver and the gear box centre to passenger. One person can carry a gear box, the engine is a different matter. It’s a bit of a faf about but worth the effort to get it right. Best done with at least 3/4 tank of fuel too because the tank is offset mostly on the drivers side too and can look odd if you set it up nearly empty and then at some point brim it with petrol.
  9. Screws look like the ones that hold the rubber guides in place on top of the tailgate for the spoiler
  10. I ended up with topran after a high quality German manufacturer in the description. Put the old ones back on with fag bearings no problems.
  11. 1xshaunx1


    APC aren’t too bad price wise and not had a problem with corrado stuff going missing once sent.
  12. Pretty sure it nothing to do with the heater and fan controller
  13. Have you stuck a magnet on it. It looks like it copper
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