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  1. I think your controller will be ok. It’s the fusing and wiring I was thinking about. If it goes wrong it could be spectacular and you could probably do without that
  2. Got mine running off of relays with their own fuse triggered by the oem fan set up and plug so I didn’t draw too much power through the oem wiring. Not an expert either bet cressa has a better idea
  3. Well done for managing to get one. Question though. Will the power cable for the third Speed handle the increase in amps or will it get hot and melt the plug if it comes on for any length of time ?
  4. Part of EU law I believe is that manufactures need to supply parts for 15 from production end of a vehicle. After that you are in the hands of the gods.
  5. You should be proud as punch matey it looks mint
  6. Black and silver for your car I think. Black and blue for mine 😉
  7. Good progress there matey. have you considered how old is the slave cylinder you put back on, can be a pain later if that goes 😉
  8. 12v in on all three feeds to fan.Power Resisted down in the fan unit, hence the wire sizes being different. pretty sure it shows this in the Bentley Corrado manual wiring diagram on the subject. Don't feel too bad about the fan it was after all 25+ years Old.
  9. I’ve found it best to leave it a few weeks if you can for it to harden off properly too. You should be good with 4 coats.
  10. Looking like it now. If you look at the first page on my thread I show the results of orange peel/shrinkage removal, but I started with 1500 and finished with 2000 for quicker buffing. It truly is amazing the finish you can get if you have applied enough clear coat.
  11. I bet that only half your collection 🤣🤣
  12. I borrowed my step sons big makita 18volt 1/2” impact gun. Little grease
  13. I had one for DPD The other day. Beware people’s
  14. Looks the nuts. I wish I could get my act together.
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