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  1. To get more power worth the money spent will alter how your bay looks full stop. With any modifications there will compromises, it depends what you are happy with. The schrik has to come to off to change the plugs, a supercharger worth having makes a whine that did my nut in, a turbo’d engine needs more thought about cooling depending on your turbo type. Even if you fix all that up to how you want it something else will break or pack in cause they is old, you have to expect issues, if you replace or refurbish everything and leave it standard it’s still not finished forever. You are just in between issues.
  2. I’m hoping mines the same or a plug come loose. I found this out when going for a test run after changing rear discs and bearings, while doing this I also noticed that on one side the handbrake isn’t working properly so ideally need new callipers as well now, but they are 28 years old. Sometimes though it gets on your nerves.
  3. It happens to us all, my headlights packed in in the week, so I’ll be spending the afternoon finding out why this is.
  4. 1. There will be a plug under the seat for the motor and one for the heating 2.it looks the same switch and wiring for the heated standard seat bar power movement 3 pretty sure it will 4 pretty easy to remove and reinstall 5 definitely yes
  5. Is it me or does the g60 have a VR6 bonnet.
  6. Sprinter is doing the tabs, but for himself to recon light units. He posted something a few months back, seemed expensive, but I suppose he is trying to make a living and done the development and sourcing. It’s an option. Last page I think but the photos have gone. http://the-corrado.net/showthread.php?108253-We-also-did-some-new-parts-535853813-A01C/page5
  7. I’m going for the starter motor it wiring or battery. Tipping it’s not liked sitting there freezing it’s tits off and not much use. I’d put a new battery on it or jump it with your dads car.
  8. https://magazine.heritagepartscentre.com/en/blog/2019/12/10/corrado-campaign-jmr-sunset-photo-shoot/
  9. I trust myself with a test bulb, otherwise I’d understand what you said. I’m sure others understand you and can check
  10. If I didn’t have one knowing what I know now, I’d be interested. It’ll be worth a lot more in years to come if cared for.
  11. I’d certainly look at it but electrical gremlins and running problems are notoriously difficult to get to the bottom of, good look matey, keep at it.
  12. Oem Immobiliser lets it crank but it won’t fire crank all day long without a hint of firing I had a new key because of new barrel for my old Corrado and it wouldn’t fire up, turns out I needed the old chip out of the old key into the new one then sorted. This is how I know it will crank
  13. You definitely need a battery and wires for your central locking to work.
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