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  1. There is too much of that about unfortunately and it’s not getting any better with time
  2. Where does that plug in. Agree with Dox, I think you should do a repair on 3 and investigate 4 it doesn’t look very well
  3. Apprentice trained fabricator, used to build things from gates for the council to titanium heat exchangers at a local firm that’s one of the only ones in the country still going with the petro/chemical vessel capabilities. Many years ago now mind.
  4. You need some dry ice to get that tar sound proofing off of the top side of the floor pan. Chuck some on, cover it up it’s foil and some cloth on top, then gently tap it with a hammer and it should just crack off now the stuff is frozen hard.
  5. I’d say they look oem mats or black ones off of Gunther who I got mine off. Nip it round I’ll fix the handbrake for you
  6. It’s good value but not quite the same though is it. I agree with you about heritage, they can be disappointing to deal with.
  7. I got mine off of Sprinter on here. It looks exactly like the oem stuff.
  8. They are quoting the same Bosch part number so will be the same.
  9. Basically as Keyo says, you put them back how you got them out. I had mine on an old duvet on the floor, it was like wrestling a crocodile 😂
  10. Your car looks the business, well done.
  11. You really need to have the plate underneath as well to help stop too much heat getting to it.
  12. I’ve been thinking about after run on the phenix set up. The fan/fans will come on but the auxiliary water pump won’t. You’ll have to switch that on when the fans come on too by running another power wire to the pump maybe from one of the fan relays as they are 40 amp.
  13. I’m going to do it again mate, the connectors I got aren’t that good but I wanted to see today as I’ve got the day off and had all the bits. Thanks for posting up about it. I wouldn’t have thought it would make a difference but it really seems to Rev smoother. Smoother all round really.
  14. Did the mod with the Bosch Motorsport Coil pack today as in ABV’s thread, very easy to do, fairly inexpensive and definitely makes a difference. Less than £73 for the coil pack and if it goes you can get another Bosch one off the shelf for the same money and bob that on without any more alterations. I wish I’d seen that years ago.
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