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  1. All back to aqua blue and i must say I’m very happy with it they’ve done a fantastic job. I sure hope I can keep it like that while I put it back together.
  2. I think you need to give an idea of price. If for instance they are £500.00, I don’t think the demand will be very high.
  3. Good work I sat my shroud against the radiator for maximum air draw when on, you don’t really want air being sucked in from the sides as obviously you are trying to draw air through the radiator. and eventually went for these 12” fans which fit in nicely with a similar aluminium radiator to yourself
  4. I’m running these Ferodo pads on the front but with Brembo grooved discs, I can report Zero front noise but they start to break up when they get a bit thin. Excellent stopping power to standard. I agree with dox however, squeaky brakes usually means something is sticking and not moving like it should, it needs stripping down to see why and then putting back together properly using a bit of copper slip in the right places.
  5. (maybe it's the original, I don't know). Wouldn’t think so as all Corrados came with a rear view mirror fitted from the factory in Germany as standard equipment.
  6. Should be done In a couple of weeks🤞
  7. Well done mate looks fantastic 👍
  8. I wouldn’t get them from Herritage. Everything large from them comes with damage as they have no idea how to pack stuff properly and they just blame the courier.
  9. You are right mate it’s no good looks like Bloody Zoro has had a couple of minutes practice on it.
  10. ^^^^^^^^^ replace ‘plots’ with ‘it’s’
  11. Well done that man. 👍 you may even get some love back now plots road worthy
  12. You guys need to dig your shell suits out, then you can look the part too
  13. Let me have a look this afternoon see if mine cam out ok, If so that I’ll have a spare
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