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  1. Pretty sure same piston as a mk2 golf on the rear 38mm, although the housing/calliper is slightly different for the ( post face lift) later models and VR6, plenty on eBay, or like Sean says and send them off to a specialist if in no rush.
  2. They would be blasted to remove the shine before coating. They only shine because they are polished and there isn’t much that would adhere to that. But hey it’s a free world I ain’t going to insist or talk anybody into anything that’s a bad idea or they don’t want to do.
  3. i don’t think you’ve thought that through properly. Cars are made of steel instead of stainless for cost reasons. If a car made of stainless steel received a nick to the paint it would just stay a nick but the car made of steel with the same nick in the paint would have it’s nick pretty quickly turn into a rust scab that eats away under the paint/coating, flaking it off and eating through the steel if left unchecked.
  4. I’d get the stainless ones and have them powder coated, they’re should look great forever as when the coating chips the rust wouldn’t get underneath and scab it.
  5. Good stuff. the plug is the same as that on a VW sharan as in but you want the bit attached to the loom of the car
  6. 1xshaunx1


    It’s a common theme, can’t seem to find a really nice one at the mo.
  7. It’s like California in Japan for weather I believe, so lots of sun and no salt on the roads in winter, which is a real problem for British car owners and Canadians too I suppose
  8. The more I look at them photos the more I notice how little rust is on it. That radiator support looks a couple of years old, good start, if the rest is like that you’ll only need ancillary parts and they are easy to get👍
  9. 1xshaunx1


    I bought a couple already but not really tip top. So yes mate still after a good one, if you could help that would be great, cheers.
  10. 1xshaunx1


    Good for you, I hope your neighbours stay safe and healthy. I put my wife and daughter through university so they could be nurses. My wife is now a matron in Barnsley she’s just done 12 days on then 3 off, things are going to get tough and then it’ll all shut down this is just the start. If people keep moving about and passing it on, innocent people who would have lived a lot longer are going to die.
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    I’ve had a text from the government to stay in. It doesn’t mention volunteering to do stuff for free or carry on as normal. I’m self employed and will get nothing from the state at this point but will do my bit as advised by them as I don’t want to be getting infected or infecting any one else willy nilly, it’s like jumping on a motor bike and going to see my mates at Matlock at the weekend, I wouldn’t do it it’s just selfish and the quicker people realise the quicker this will be over.
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    Look what I found for you cressa whilst on a tidy up
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