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  1. Looks good 👍 but still needs some windscreen washer liquid topping up 😂😂
  2. A worry for us all. But I think this is the exception not the rule. Others my say different but I’ve not noticed this being a problem area on current or previous cars, but definitely worth a check.
  3. I opened the garage door last weekend 😂😂
  4. I’ll pop round at the weekend if you want and you can look at mine n see if we can work it out.
  5. Welcome indeed. Best looking car in any car park.
  6. I was thinking it would be the shorter ones and the longer ones for Passat, Vento etc
  7. Are the rear abs sensors 1130mm or 1285mm long. Looking to change my stubs and get it all ready first but there seems to be 2 lengths available. Any ideas anyone.
  8. Look what the wife found down the side of the wardrobe. I must have put it there for safe keeping and forgot. She only found it because of getting ready for the decorators. No more unfortunately
  9. I have a blind doe.
  10. It does look nice and tidy. Good look with the commissioning 🤞. Can’t be much more to stop you.
  11. I’ve just done my rear calliper upgrade and used about the same amount maybe a bit more. Drivers rear seemed to have more air in it too. Used a pressure bleeder that uses 20 psi out of a tyre.
  12. It’s took a while, but it just come to me because of what you are trying out Keyo. I've never tried to test my seats heating, tested seat switches and power movements 9 years ago. Never even bothered me as it lives in a garage now and before mostly summer miles but not many. So heated seats hasn’t been a priority. It is now sometimes this forum creates missions
  13. Certainly looks better and I think you’ll find they don’t give you lower back ache after a while like the standard ones. Vince powered mine to the fuse box although the heated bit isn’t connecting in yet. What bit are you missing ?
  14. You need to try and run it with a good evu first then I’d be tempted to let JMR have a look. He seems to be the 4 pot/G60 man.
  15. Any updates on this, was it a bargain ?
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