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  1. 6 hours ago, fendervg said:

    'sCan you heae the tweeters working?

    I remember reading somehwere that there was actually a cross-over of some kind in the factory tweeters, but not sure if that's true - I guess the real reason is that the factory stereos jsut have 4x speaker output, so needs to be wired that way.

    good question - i cant say i have ever checked for them

    i didnt realise it had a tweeter setup in the front but i do know a previous owner had done some form of rewiring to the door speakers

    im thinking of pulling some of the dash out & then completely redoing the the door speaker wiring with some decent cable like i have running to the rear 6*9's

  2. 15 hours ago, fla said:

    just to revive this one, does anyone know the best colour match from gliptone, furniture clinic etc for cream leather?  Mine needs some repair as well as redyeing the cracked areas.



    when i got my kit from them i just told them the year & model of vehicle & they had a list to match it up IIRC

    i had a guide of steps to follow when using their products but cant remember if they gave it me or i got it elsewhere

    just give them a call m8 - they were based down the road from me so i just popped in to see them & they were very helpful

  3. having read this thread - would i be best to rewire my JL audio 6.5" front direct to head unit?

    AFAIK they are connected to a thicker audio wire which comes out of the door

    as such i dont know if this looping to tweeters is still in place - if im honest i didnt even know the wiring did that lol

  4. hi all - i am happy to say that ive had an update from Kurzy on the looms 🙂

    he is back from his offshore work, the OE connectors arrived whilst he was away & he has started to finish the looms straight away

    half are tested & ready with the other half being completed this week

    thank you everyone for your patience

    the remaining balance is £59

    if you could pls send the paypal friends & family to [email protected]

    once sent if you could then put a confirmation on here i can keep a track of it

    happy days

  5. as dox says above id be a little wary of what this person is claiming, if indeed they are

    i have a powerflow system on my 16v but that is pre-cat

    when i had the longlife fitted to the VR6 i had a 200 cell high flow cat fitted, as opposed to the OE cat being 400 cell (i think)

    the high flow cats allow the emissions to be as required but do not throttle the exhaust gases as much as OE, thus allow better flow output but this on its own would not give any performance gains at all

    also, an OE spec cat would not adversely effect the performance as this is what they are designed with

    what year & model is your rado?

    have you had a second opinion from an exhaust specialist or considered if the issue is being cause elsewhere?

  6. you can normally tell whether the water is getting in from above or below by looking for the kinda of snail trail lines it leaves

    if right front roof drain is blocked there will likely be a trail mark down the pillar & then down the side of the dash section

    i would then inspect door membranes if you cant see any trails

    if im honest, it is probably worth checking both & roof drain pipes are easy as just need blowing out with an air line

    FYI if a late model there is a hidden small screw behind the factory door speaker cover 😉

  7. 42 minutes ago, MJA said:

    Great price. The UK loves a hot-hatch and that one has done particularly well considering it isn't the more desired big bumper version. I hope the Corrado follows suit being 5 or so years behind the mk2 in age but my gut feel is that it won't perform quite as well. 

    In realitive terms there are still quite a lot of Corrado VRs knocking about compared to mk2 16vs. It will be interesting to see how the market plays out if numbers lessen, though I noted over the last 10 years Corrado numbers have not even halved yet Mk2 16v (inc mk3 16v as couldn't get the split) are only a 1/5 of what they were 10 years ago. Those were taxed and tested numbers I was looking at. Perhaps Corrados have been cossetted weekend drivers where as the mk3/mk2 16v were used as dailys and killed off to current numbers.






    a big consideration there would relate to the total number of those vehicles sold

    compare the mk2 golf production of 6.3 million to less than 10,000 of the corrado

  8. right - apologies guys, ive been having some site issues but think ive finally nailed it to being browser issue

    update from Kurzy this week.....

    looms are all pretty much ready but he is currently waiting for the OE connectors to arrive.  he has chased them up a couple of times & been told warehouse is busy.  they were the same when i ordered them for the previous run

    hopefully they will arrive before he has to go offshore for work again - if they do he will do his best to get them out asap but if not he will be away for 4 weeks.  he sends his apologies but fingers crossed the connectors arrive

    id like to thank everyone for sending their deposits nice & quickly - we have had all but one person, whom ive sent multiple messages but no reply

  9. 20 hours ago, fla said:

    What size of speakers can be installed in the dash without compromising the fitment of the speaker covers?  Does anyone have any pics of an install that they could post up, plus recommended speaker sizes?



    hi hasan

    im trying to think back probably 20 years to when i first owned the 16v - i think i put 4" inifinity 2 ways in the dash but the covers would never fit over properly

    if im honest i the recess is so small i wouldnt bother putting a speaker in there

    ive got 6.5" JL audios in the front & 6*9 inifinity in the rear & sound is awesome

    you can get decent 5.25" in the OE door pods but be careful with how deep they are as they can push the door membrane back

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