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  1. Thanks for the answers. I'll sort out an ad and put them on parts for sale.
  2. Part numbers are flat one - 357 853 601, angled one - 757 653 001
  3. I'm sorting out my garage and came across these 2 rear VW badges. Hopefully the photos will explain what my question is - namely one VW roundel badge has an angled rubber back whilst the other is flat. I vaguely recall one fits a Mk2 Golf and the other fits a Corrado - is that correct and if so which one goes with which car?
  4. This is an interesting thread. For what it's worth I bought my Storm in 2009 for £3,900 and then maintained it to a very high standard (spent over £5k in upgrades (uprated brakes, timing chains, 263 cams and remap, heater matrix etc) and ended up selling in 2015 for the same price. I'm happy to see prices heading up but these cars will always be a niche buy as they were never that popular when new (sales figures don't lie). They will never make the same money as fast Audis or fast Fords as they don't have the same following. By all means buy another Corrado but do it for reasons related to the car rather than seeing it as an appreciating asset. The reason for my sale was simple as I realised that any car which is 20+ years old needs to be maintained by both an enthusiast and someone who has a modicum of engineering know-how. I'm lacking in the latter so felt it a good time to bale out.
  5. Yes - I've still got the 911 (997 Gen 2 Carrera 4S) which I use at weekends. My daily is now a Mk7 Golf GTi PP with DSG - easy to commute in, just point and go!
  6. Haha! Yes - finally clearing out my garage and found this parcel shelf lurking in the beams. How many miles do you now have - still under 50k I guess:)
  7. I have a rear parcel shelf from a VW Corrado. I swapped this out on my Storm when I owned it. It's in good condition but its been recovered in a felt beige material which has faded a little with age. Free to whoever collects in person.
  8. Excellent articles and photos. Glad to see the VR6 is finally a PH hero - it's taken long enough!
  9. A good write-up. Quite a large range for good condition cars £3k to £20k.
  10. Is some of this a numbers game? The Corrado was always a niche car when it was brand new so the pool of followers who would in the end be keen enough to be part of a club was always small compared to a Golf GTi. It then didn't help that VW killed the car off and have largely ignored it as part of their heritage. I bought a 911 back in November 2013 and soon after joined the Porsche Club of Great Britain. It cost a lot more to join but the quality of their product is really impressive even if you don't go to shows. I know comparing CCGB to PCGB is unfair as the related economics and no doubt wallets of some 911 owners (not me!) makes the whole PCGB operation a very profitable one. I applaud the efforts of Jim, Eric and others in continuing to persevere. I sold my Storm in May 2015 so my days of being an intermittent participant on the Corrado scene are behind me. Again coming back to my opening statement I can't see CCGB regaining it's glory date of the 2000's due to lack of numbers and as others have noted this forum and other social media are probably the future for the Corrado stalwarts. Good luck to all and most importantly long may this forum continue so I can have a fix of Corrado action every so often!
  11. Depends on budget but I would certainly go for the Golf Mk5 chassis. The Edition 30 GTi is far better looking than the R32 and will be faster than a Corrado VR6. I now run a Mk7 GTi PP with DSG as a daily so more than happy with that:)
  12. There's some good deals on Mk7 Golfs at certain dealers but you will have to shop around. My daily is now a Mk7 Golf GTi PP with DSG. Earlier this month I bought a one year old car with 9,000 miles for £8k below new list price.
  13. 911 currently in for its service and my loan car for 2 days is a Panamera. It's only the base diesel spec model but even so it does shift with the PDK gearbox. Mind you I think I need an HGV licence to drive something this big! I've now got to the age when any car with a PDK or DSG gearbox is the one I'd go for on an everyday basis as commuting is so start-stop anywhere close to the M25. As ever with cars you pays your money you takes your choice:)
  14. Glad to see some folk making the switch up to a 911. Just remember everything is much more expensive. I've got a main dealer service on mine booked in for next month - only £1,361 plus an extra £54 for the MOT!!!!
  15. It was a really good episode. Plenty of love for the Corrado. I can't recall an episode where the price went higher than advertised. Is the VR6 the next GT3?
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