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  1. Glad your loving the car will sort all the spares i have as soon as i get a spare min. Looks like she has gone to a good home cheers mate love that car and always will. off to get the gti revo chipped today help ease those corrado blues . Will change my avatar in due course but its all i have left right now lol.
  2. Right thinking of selling the corrado vr got the bug for a mk5 gti so this will have to go not really sure of how to price it as the market seems bad at the moment . Its a 94 vr6 in storm grey and over the last couple of years everything has pretty much been replaced . done 137000 miles body is good no rust apart from a small nick on the boot. underneath is clean too no rust apart from the odd bit of surface rust where the underseal has come away . it got new axel bushes, wishbones, bottom ball joints, tyres refurb wheels , brakes , milltek exhaust , heater matrix water pump aux water pump rad d&g cams and remap chains done there about 300 miles ago crack pipe and thermosat , clutch flywheel , ap coilovers and the list goes on . so whats it worth i was thinking about £3500 would be fair.
  3. looks great love the colour in that mountain setting right sexy car good work
  4. lovely example, well done, good find
  5. happy birthday thought i would join in
  6. rado2

    Removing rust?

    I have been looking around at various kits found this site seems like good stuff http://www.rust.co.uk/ they stock dinitrol products which are supossed to be good but heard mixed things about them .
  7. Thanks for the infomation and the address, got my letter this morning about the AGM and a funky new window sticker nice one cheers.
  8. Agreed i find my vr is only ok in 5 after about 105 mph then its top end acceleration is alright but like said deffo more a relaxed cruise than performance car
  9. Wondered if anyone can help my membership is due to run out in the next few weeks and seeing as the website is down for a facelift what do i do about renewal. will i get a letter saying its due and the details of where to send the cheque . Or should i just send a cheque and a covering letter with membership number if the second option Has anyone got the address. thanks in advance
  10. If you were going to send that out would that include p+p . Seems a ok price to me can you make these up anytime as i will need a set for my mot but thats not till june. There are other things getting done to the car before then so dont have the spare cash right now.
  11. You are both from essex i was born there so must have racing blood ha ha . i think one of you should hire a st for the day and have a good old race to settle this one. Put a thread up of the results cool. I think the st would win just cos torque wins races and turbos have bags of it.
  12. Oh Fighting talk race race lol
  13. hello always nice to see a new member and a new corrado and i always ask this. Pictures please
  14. rado2


    Glad your keeping the rado yours is one of my favs on here .
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