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  1. Thanks all, car sold and gone to a good owner👍
  2. School boy error. Located by Yarm in Stockton on Tees and my mobile is 07779636568. I cant always answer so please leave a message and I will get back to you soonest.
  3. Bought this car 5 years ago from an elderly gent in his 70’s who used this occasionally over his 7 year ownership. My plan was to use it for a year or two as a running restoration and then to take it off the road and have a full respray and engine overhaul done at the same time. Typically as I was taking it off the road priorities changed, work got busier and then I bought a 911, a car I had dreamt of owning since a kid. Now with the potential of a house purchase looming it will be another few years before the opportunity to get near the car will take place. With a heavy heart I have decided to sell it in the hope another enthusiast will finish it. Overview The car is mechanically good, starts drives and everything works as it should. I have swapped out the original windscreen wipers for TT arms and Bosch blades with a huge difference to how the windscreen wipers function (original arms supplied with car). I have fitted brand new Koni Sport Top Adjustable struts all around the car with H&R springs giving the car a more responsive yet compliant ride and not too indifferent to the original ride height. I have fitted immaculate original BBS RC’s with excellent Toyo’s 205/40/17 tyres. Again, a modification in keeping with the era. The original BBS solitude wheels will also be supplied with the car. They are heavily corroded and will need refurbished if they were to be refitted. The car is fitted with an Alpine Bluetooth Head Unit that can be used to stream music and take calls. Up front 5.25 Rockford Fosgate speakers are fitted. The rear speakers are original and an optional mdf shelf with focal 5.25” two ways are fitted. There is evidence of an amplifier being previously fitted, with the power supply and rca cables running up the passenger side. The car is being sold at £6500 with no offers but will include all spares listed below plus any additional items I may find that are not listed. This is my onlycondition of sale. I will not sell spares separately. If I don’t sell the car at the price advertised I will keep it with the spares that have been accumulated. Modifications BMA CDA carbon induction kit (original airbox supplied) Stainless steel exhaust fitted (believe its Miltek but not checked) TT Wiper modification New headlight switch (bought x2 from Corrado Forum group buy) Upgraded headlight loom (relays from battery to lights) Koni TA’s and H&R springs fitted 17” BBS RC alloys and Toyo Proxes 205/40/17 tyres fitted- all tyres are excellent 6+mm Good Bits All switches and dials work as they should including sunroof The interior although worn has not split or been abused. I recently replaced the headlight switch with a Corrado forum new replacement item (I bought two so there is still another new one) I did notice when I replaced the switch that the loom had been repaired. It looks to have suffered the breakdown of the switch melting some of the insulation. I would recommend replacing all of this back to good connectors/fusebox. Bad bits The paintwork isn’t in the best of condition. It will be fine for a year or two but will need repainting to protect from corrosion There are some small areas of rust. Generally stone chips but there is a small area at the front of the driver door side strip, passenger door at the upper rear seal next to the window. A small patch on the sunroof. There is a wheel arch with a very small area showing corrosion. Some scratches around bodywork Nearside fog light stone chip Roof lining starting to sag Roof rack rubber lining has perished. I have removed this and still have it with the end caps. The main strips are badly cracked and cannot be refitted. Spares Suspension/ Transmission Powerflex rear trailing arm black poly bushes new 1 x original storm front strut and spring assembled 2 x new front wishbones with bushes 2 x new wishbone balljoints 2 x new front wishbone bushes 2 x new rear wishbone bushes 2 x new outer CV joints 1 new Engine mount Engine/cooling Thermostat housing and attachment pipe 2 x sets of new HT leads 1 x new distributer coil pack 2 x engine oil filters Mann/Hengst 1 x spare throttle cable Original Airbox Brakes Brand new ATE brake bias valve New 280mm discs and bads still boxed 288mm ATE Calipers and carrier assemblies inc bolts Bodywork 1 x new headlight replacement switch (corrado forum purchase) 2 x spare electric wing mirrors 2 x original winscreen wiper arms Full set of rear lights in good condition Brand new front grill (original VW) Windscreen wiper motor Rear window wiper 4 x BBS solitude alloys 15” with tyres- alloys badly corroded Miltek stainless exhaust (this is not a VR6 item! Recently found out that it is a 2” bore so more than likely G60 or 1.8-2.0 16V item I've tried to be as honest as I can and remember everything. I've got lots more pics if people want to see them unfortunately the size is limited on here. Any questions please don't hesitate to ask. I am not after a quick sale, I'm enjoying using the car and want it to go to the right owner. Thanks for looking
  4. Mirror surround arrived. Many thanks! Stu
  5. Its a great cause and the best of luck with the marathon🤞👍👍
  6. Thanks, I will take the mirror surround please. Paypal payment sent with address👍
  7. Hi do you still have the driver side mirror plastic surround? If so I will take it please.
  8. Looks very nice and a rare colour! Can't believe this is still for sale. Have you owned it long?
  9. Thanks to all! Thats a big relief! It will be secured and taped up. Spent a week trying to fix leaks after separating the thermostat and sensor housing. I bought a replacement from GSF and ended up fitting the old one back on in the end......between the thermostat housing, sliding pipe o-ring failing, it was never ending. Must have had it off and back on about 8 times.
  10. Well just replaced my thermostat and on getting everything back together I noticed a yellow/black single wire with a single female spade connector encased in the OEM white plastic connector hanging down by the starter motor. It has the original loom tape a few inches back from the connector and is part of the loom directly below the radiator fan connector. Can anyone tell me where this connects? I’ve had a look around and cannot find anything around the thermostat block/ gearbox area for it to go onto. Not sure if its accidently come off when I was removing hoses etc for the thermostat housing to come out, or if its been off for a while. Any assistance greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance for any help. Stu
  11. Very recently swapped out my original suspension for some new Koni TA's and HR springs. Purchased new early top spring caps from Vw Heritage as I had the later smaller version fitted. It all went together fairly easily and straight forward. Decided to change the ball joints for new ones whilst i have it on axle stands. Noticed when on full lock to the right the front spring (R/H side)isnt centred and is more resting against the rod. Not sure if it will sort itself out when I lower it and transfer the rest of the weight onto the spring. I presumed it would stay central. Anyone else had similar issues, or know of possible solution. Its all back together, torqued using figures from the Bentley manual. Lastly any recommendations on a good garage in the Darlington/Middlesboro area for full geometry set up? Willing to travel 30-40 miles for someone who knows Vw's. Cheers Stu
  12. Thanks Stu, exhuast and dampers as advertised. Superbly packaged to protect it all. Cheers
  13. Very nice wheel collection Chris! Not allowed to buy anything else for the foreseeable future or I would have maybe been looking. My other motor is in for coolant lose issues and its not looking cheap!!! GL tho pal
  14. Accept my apologies gents, only seen this thread now. I should have included the items I was interested in at the time. It was a rushed response between other things. Thanks
  15. Likewise Chris, enjoyed the chat and seeing one of your many Corrados! Very jealous... Top bloke and thanks for the subframe
  16. I would be interested in one as well if they are still available.
  17. A big thank you to Clumpy1! He sold me some BBS RC wheels recently. They were better than described, packaged very well and sent over night. Would and hopefully will be buying more items of him in the near future. Good to see an honest and reliable guy. Many thanks.
  18. Sure, let me know I may be interested
  19. Hi if Diarmaid doesnt want this then I will take it.
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