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    2.8 v's 2.9

    Can't help you on hp figures, all I can say is when my original 2.9 got miley and started to burn more oil (stem seals it turned out)than I was comfortable with, I swapped it for a lower mileage 2.8 bare engine from a Golf. I couldn't tell any difference between the two, power or driveability.
  2. If it's complete and original, and Simeon doesn't want it, i'll have it.
  3. Do you have the top mounting rubbers and brackets for the radiator?
  4. I need the top radiator mounting brackets and rubber mounts for a VR6, can anyone help? Also need the rubber washers that sit under the bottom mounting posts if you have any of those as well. thanks
  5. 3.5mm Inside diameter vacuum pipe, you buy it by the meter and cut to length to match the old ones. Make sure the line to the ECU is exactly 1 meter long.
  6. I would also start with the full service, should do with any car when you get it regardless of what the history says. As part of that service I would replace all the vacuum lines on the engine, including the one to the ecu for the MAP sensor. Open the ecu (ground yourself first) and remove and clear out the 6 inch length of vacuum tubing in there which runs from the case nipple to the map sensor. All these can get clogged up with oil sludge which means the map doesn't get a reading, which it seems from the readings you gave yours isn't. Once done full setup of timing etc, google for correct method for Digifant, needs to be done properly. After that re run your boost test, see what readings you get then.
  7. It looks like you have mixed up the master and slave. The one on the gearbox is the slave, looks like you have bought a master which is the pedal end.
  8. mine has the full Elring head set on it, no problems 20k later.
  9. If you do and can post please let me know how much. thanks
  10. Looking for the trim insert for a pair of late interior grab handles, don't have to be mint. cheers
  11. SKF ones have lasted for me, 6 years now no sign of trouble. Fitted without a press, big bench vice(press of sorts I suppose), old bearing and a block of wood works.
  12. cool ill take it can you pm me payment details cheers
  13. does anyone have a spare drivers side wiper arm and if so how much for it posted to LA13. cheers
  14. check that the rotor arm is solid on the shaft, should be glued on iirc. Had this on a Golf, turned out the rotor was fluttering on the dizzy shaft at constant load.
  15. chaos3oe

    VR6 Cam sprockets

    I have a pair of old cams in the shed, think the sprockets are there. I'll check later on for you.
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