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  1. Hi Fuzzer - are you still around in the Corrado world? 

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    2. _Matt_


      The Corrado Graveyard is really only any good if you go and pick up the parts yourself. Is Lilfuzzer Chris Ferry? He's on facebook and still active, if he's not Chris, try Chris Ferry as he has always been great for me on parts. 

      The forum is pretty dead. Apparently there is another one in the making but don't know if it will come to life. 

    3. Dox


      One and the same Matt

    4. g0ldf1ng3r


      i can PM you the mobile number i had for him if that would help

  2. I still look in from time to time, but my car is firmly on the back burner unfortunately so I'm not a paid member... I like to think that I will get round to doing something again as I have £4k engine sat waiting to go back in a fully restored engine bay, but the likelihood of it is sadly fading.... time....... something I seem to have less off, at a point in life I thought I would have more of.
  3. Nice place Melbourne - spent a fair amount of time there as a backpacker many years ago - So Oz got the Corrado? I don't ever recall seeing one in my time there.. mind you the amount of VB and New we drank probably wouldn't of seen it if it knocked me over! :D
  4. Wowsers ended up in Oz - what part of Oz and whats it on?
  5. Still available new from Heritage - I bought one for mine.
  6. It is - back in the heated garage for the winter ;) - LOL! yes my mum is getting the hump with the ammount of owners that aren't picking up after their dogs around the village... it does seem really bad at the moment. The new house is hard work... seems to be taking all my time hence another year gone and not much done on the car... I had to dig the drive out as I've taken out two walls inside and need somewhere to put the rubble :D - I dont think the Rado will make it to this house, as soon as the house is done I'll be selling up and moving on, I think my village days are coming to an end.... it seems to be resembling more of a large housing estate lately..
  7. Oh I'm a HUGE tea fan! LOL! - I'm miles away mate but thanks... I live near Thame on the Bucks/Oxfordshire border. I'm head up to my mates place in Silverstone to collect my engine in the next few weeks so hopefully the project will start rolling again.
  8. Cool! - any chance you can refit my engine and gearbox? ;) well the whole front of my car really! :D Very nice work - looks amazing
  9. Welcome to the savings reducing club! ;)
  10. Cheers Dox - yeah I've looked at a few that have sold... my biggest issue is the sentimental value as it was my Dads... its still sat here, I had one reasonably good offer but didn't message him back...
  11. What engine is it? they were still available new for the VR from Heritage a while ago.
  12. I thought exactly that when I saw the *FREE* post. A super generous offer but definitely check with the people on the forum as its worth a fair amount in parts - or I would stick it on ebay with a low starting price as it will easily sell. I wish I had more time to teach my kids mechanics... they do keep saying "you said this summer Dad not next year!" :D
  13. Ahhh just whatsapp'd him... he's taken it down as he was getting hassled for it.
  14. An upgrade for the Golf GTI's used to be fitting a TT rack, often wondered if there was anything similar for the Corrado?
  15. Hummm not entirely sure - a friend of mine thats in a lot of bike groups popped it on for me...
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