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  1. Hi, question to see if anyone can answer. last battery i bought was a Bosh Silver top, 6C part number. worked great. just bought a new battery Bosch silver top, but i was sold a 6HN. the 6C has been superceded by a different number though (6PH i think) So now im stuck wondering which one is right? anybosy know? the specs arent that much different, but you know theres gonna be a reason bosch make them both, so i want the corract one.i couldnt find fitment info online. but perhaps someone knows through experience, or a job etc any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks
  2. The poor corrado is still waiting for me to finish its damn interior. its very patient tho :) other cars have kind of stole my attention, trying to do up a house and getting ready for getting some dogs in a week hasnt helped either!! :lol:
  3. cheers, well what do you know, the pics DO work. schoolboy error. turns out i wasnt siggned in. even tho i looked just after posting on a nother thread... odd.. :lol:
  4. well. its 2007 and after posting up about the missus' old polo for sale, i wondered if this thread was still here. thought id post up a few pics. all the pics from the thread appear to be gone. no biggy tho. heres some of the various cars that pull on my attention strings. Touareg Golf VR6 Highline Corrado G60 Polo 'Animal' (sold obviously) Polo Classic / Derby :)
  5. Looking as fresh as ever mate!! Congrats on the win, Catch up with you later! :wink:
  6. From memory, they were 280mm. I spoke to him about them at inters a few years back. He said the handbrake was soo powerful, you could use it as an emergency stop. i tihnk it was TT calipers and custom brackets. but im cant remember how he did it.
  7. :lol: no i was a bit miffed actually, i was over looking at it on the trailer in the morning. thought "ace". then i just remember being on the show ground and seeing it thinkin "damn i totally missed it moving" :cry: :lol: Its always cool to see car on the move. :) AND.. i love the bonnet and headlight intake :) Reminds me of this very early chops i did.
  8. well... i'd say you managed it nicely :) Your fonr tseats, werent they red piping before? did you have it dyed black?
  9. i have roughly, right... 1 set of 13" ATS classics, 1 set of random 17's, TT comps, 16" BBS RS 3pc splits, G60 Rims, steel wheels of the polo, VR solitudes, 2 corrado dash boards, black doorcards, carpet a headlining, another 2 carpets, set sets of seats, an exhaust system, welder, some gardening stuff, but taking up the most space, an entire kitchen, that i got in july, last year, and just cant be assed fitting. if you moved into my house you'd have a heart attack :lol: really. my missus keeps stubbing her toe on the intercooler in the living room and thank god i sold the TT interior, now we still have no space but a bit more.. :? :lol: :lol:
  10. sorry about the bump, but i just got my account back and thought id come on to post tyhec ar is awesome in the fleash. i absolutly love the interior,t he door cards are mint. the dash colours blending through is how it should eb done. i hate green stroms for that :lol: And hope to see your car on the cover of PVW soon :D
  11. awesome. stunnin. wonderful. actually at the time words lost me :lol: Was At edition38 and loved this loads! i couldnt wait til it went tot he show grounds either :lol: i was gonna introduce myself but you looked busy enough :) stunnig car tho, and the fronts statrting to look like photoshop i did of mine years ago :lol:
  12. dubster82

    Weird windows

    electric mirrors are faulty and thus blowing the fuse? check for the ingress of water. got i miss being a sparky sometimes :lol:
  13. more power, more torque. less miles? more reliable? modern engine. easy to tune... cons? they never came Std ?
  14. do they all have the alfa badge on them? i cant help but think alfa leather is always stunning. id give it a go.
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