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  1. TT/Lupo wipers, Uprated Loom, Upgraded brakes
  2. Top gear should have Guy Martin in it. This guy seem to be excited about pretty much anything and I find him enjoyable to watch.
  3. Does anyone have steering rack for a 1995 Corrado 16V 2.0? (also, is this a big job to replace?) Just testing waters here as my car is loosing pas fluid. I've started my car and there was this very unusual dry metallic noise from the engine when using steering wheel. Then I've noticed low level of pas fluid and a bit of an embarrassing leak under the car! My usual mechanic is on holiday but went to other garage and they told me it is most likely seal on the steering rack, and that the rack need to be replaced. They quoted me £390 (labor + parts) but ... I'm right in the middle of house purchase so timing couldn't be better really :( I was told to top-up the pas fluid meanwhile. So, I got 1L Tripple QX (Hydaulic Power Steering Fluid) from EuroCarParts. Me, being super suspicious... is this fluid really OK to use? (they swore it is the green stuff and not red!) thanks, ps. that's the fluid I got: [ATTACH=CONFIG]79518[/ATTACH]
  4. Thanks very much guys! I did exactly as you said. Removed dizzy and rotor arm, cleaned up + WD40 and it works again. I did notice my dizzy and rotor arm have seen better days so will replace that shortly and air filter while I'm at it. (Can I just get this bits from EurocarParts or is it better to go with some other place?). I have a footage of what happened last night: (something is not right with sound as there is lots of crackling so it's hard to hear engine properly)
  5. Thanks, it's getting dark now plus more rain coming as it seems. I will leave it as is and will work on it in the morning.
  6. Hi, on my way back home we had 20 mins of torrential rain. There was so much water everywhere that I didn't see a big puddle which in turn created waterfall effect and flooded whole car (outside, no water inside as I can see it). It's not as bad as it sound and I was able to drive for another 200-300m without any problems but when turning in into my street I've noticed that idle was a bit erratic. Thought some water must have got somewhere so revved it little bit for a while and tried idle again. Then, car cut off and would not start again. I have tried few times, it seem to turn but will not start. Also my exhaust makes a loud "boom" after few secs of cranking. So decided not to try again... I have it back on my driveway now. My big question is... have I just killed my car? Is it safe to attempt to start the car? Is it better to wait a day or so, so it can dry properly. Is there anything else I can do meanwhile. Please help as I'm sick worried I've done something terrible to it. Been quickly checking Google, and lots of stories of people flooded the engine and that was the end of the car, etc... Perfect start for a long holiday ehh. If you guys have any advice I would much appreciate any help on this.
  7. If the price is fair, I would be interested in one. Didn't know such thing existed :)
  8. I'm always up for a meetup Kip. Seems that Elsecar very soon :) btw. new clutch in and also replaced gearbox oil. Can't believe how light the clutch pedal is. Should have done this months ago. Car feels great now.
  9. You see, you always have to find a positive in everything. My 2013 Corrado calendar is set on "September" page now, as it is my car there. So not only I had it for whole September 2013 but also for half of January 2014 ! It's great for me so far :D
  10. I knew this is going to happen! Moment I swapped the bulb and fixed my headlights I knew something is not right as it was just way too easy. My clutch finally gave up, today! I knew it was on it's way for quite some time. It's just you get used to it and you stop noticing it. Somehow today it was exceptionally bad, when pulling away and up the hill, was afraid I may get stuck and will not move again. Booked my car for clutch work and will hopefully get it sorted on Wednesday. Fingers crossed... I suppose should not complain really, as the original clutch lasted for 19 years and 133k miles :)
  11. All sorted it was just the bulb. I swapped them around and the other light is dimmer so I'm after new bulbs now. I fitted new bulbs on 2012-02-20 so it looks like they only last 2 years. I'm planning to get the same again though: Philips X-treme Vision H4 as all-in-all they are great all rounders, unless any better alternatives are available?
  12. I'll give it a go over weekend hopefully and will see what's happening. Just hope there will be no rain. There is a chance I knocked some cable when swapping battery. I did that at 7pm during rain out in the elements :)
  13. I'mm also up for a Leeds meet-up. Weather is really pants now but I guess it will not improve any time soon, so we may do it sooner rather than later. Anyhow I'm based in Chapel Allerton but can get to any place with my rusty beauty :)
  14. When this happened to me it was the door seal membrane. I asked my girlfriend to hold water hose spraying my windows and I was sitting inside to check the leak. It was obvious in my case and I had to re-do the door membrane.
  15. It most likely is ISV. Battled the same problem not long ago. You may want to have a look in my thread: http://the-corrado.net/showthread.php?t=72057&page=3&highlight=lucasrado+isv . In the end a new ISV did the job and problem is no more. Some people say it may be a split air hose, etc... but ISV is the easiest to check/replace. There are dozens of ISV post on this forum so if you're still stuck try searching, ie: lots os similar posts
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