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  1. I use a Mk3 tdi gearbox. Handles the torque much better. Might spin in first dependant on tracking, won't spin 2nd and pulls well. My old 16v box used to spin 1-3rd and try to pull me into a hedge. Tdi boxes are the way forward
  2. I have one if required. 130k mind.
  3. daveb142

    VR6 Decat pipe

    I might have one that I removed from a mk3 vr6. Only small, can post if needed. That's if it hasn't been chucked....
  4. Get a Corrado pedal box to use - the mk3 pedal boxes are different. Then use a 1.3 carb mk2 golf throttle cable. This will be fine for AGU. Regarding the 1.8t, the crank should be the same it's just the flywheel / clutch setup that COULD be different. Personally i'd get hold of a G60 flyhweel and VR6 clutch and then run a manual box.
  5. So did anyone actually incorporate a fan override switch at all?...
  6. For sale is a G60 instrument cluster for cars with a digital speedo. Unsure of mileage, bought a few years ago and ended up using the clocks that were already in the car. £50 Ono + postage Will upload a picture when home
  7. Balls. Would have come but was selling a polo! At least a weeks notice next time ;)
  8. Im a little aroused. Apart from those back lights....
  9. Good choice! You can use a standalone sytem such as QPeng. This way means you can retain a cable throttle body and will be much easier to wire in. Also have the gains of a standalone ECU etc. Downsides being bit rough when cold, no fault codes etc, no knock sensors taken into account or what not too and so forth. My mate runs it on his AUM K03s and its at 240bhp and shifts very well, so it is a good bit of kit. You can use the standard ECU. If you fancy doing the wiring yourself, "Rubjonny" does a very good guide on how to do it. Otherwise, either pay him to do the loom for you or I actually do similar in my spare time now (I've made various 1.8t looms to go into mk1's, mk2's, mk3's, Corrado's etc). If you go down this route, you will have to modify your pedalbox to accept the mk4 golf accelerator pedal as it is DBW (electronic throttle body). I've done this on mine as i'm running an AUQ DBW 1.8t. It's quite a simple bracket welded onto the pedalbox. Benefits of this method - Can still be mapped through the vagcom port, you can see the fault codes etc for the engine and it takes into account all of the engines sensors and what not. Downside, you could say even with mapping it's not as powerful, but a simple map will take you to 280bhp so still bleddy good for standard ECU! There are also many other pro's/cons of both. Worth a google! Other than that, a good idea would be to run a G60 flywheel with VR6 clutch, bin off the dual mass flywheel! I'm running a diesel gearbox, however your 16v box could be used still. Downpipes can be bought from Q-Peng or trackslag. Upgrade your radiator to a bigger one, my 16v one was not up to the job! Upgrade your brakes too, minimum G60 brakes really. FMIC, Intake pipe etc will also be beneficial. Any other help just say
  10. Yeah definitely dude, was a good meet up the shack last year!
  11. Rob, i'll have to take you out in mine. You'll get to hear all the noises in the world hahahaha
  12. Not really too much to update. Had the windscreen replaced the other weekend. Inevitably there was some rust behind the screen, so Neil at Classics and Customs near us sorted it out for me whilst I had uni during the week! All primered and treated before my old 16v windscreen went in. I then had a moment of forgetting how to drive out of my unit. Resulting in this. :lol: Woops :| First time i've actually dinged any car i've owned...... Anyway, luckily Neil buffed most of it out and touched it up, which will do until I get the bumper resprayed next year! Before that, my powersteering line dis-lodged itself and was dragging along the floor. Which resulted in covering a friends street in powersteering fluid..... What a ballache that was to change. Lucky I had a spare line, however ended up cross-threading the first few threads on the powersteering rack. Luckily my mate mad a tap and re-threaded it. Then it took us another hour or so of swearing to try and get the powersteering pipe to get in the right angle to screw it in. Probably the most infuriating job i've done on the car. I also need to fix my gearbox as I've damaged the diff / area around the diff. It whines when moving now, however gets into all gears fine still. All in all it wasn't a great week! :lol: However, I did finish off my climatronic surround and put the centre console back together.... so that's something? And the collection keeps growing Bought a polo which i'll be fixing and selling, then I can sort the Corrado's gearbox and think about mapping
  13. I've got the steering cowling covers from a late 16v if needed
  14. Ill double check and get some tomorrow mate
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