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  1. As if by magic,im not going to get all techy,if you pair know better then have fun. one born everyday.
  2. your spoiler is also controled by your clocks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!. worth thinking about before buying a module.
  3. kevin

    g60 engine swap

    I did this, to be honest you could do a 20vt for the same type of money,or sell yours and buy a g60 corrado ,i spent aprrox £2600 doing this conversion,done well mind with nothing spared.just late nights in the garage!!!! When you go to sell you ll lose out,your car plus everything = same as before all bar a few quid. better still buy mine and safe yourself some headaches""" regards kevin
  4. JMR is a top bloke,if only everyone was as honest as john!! this should turn into a JMR appreciation thread?? :lol:
  5. have no doubt that you know your stuff from reading these threads!!!!!!. but could i ask "in your opinion" what the ideal oil would be for a g60??? thanks in advance regards kevin
  6. as neil said the coil with the ht lead,the wiring is completely different on a g60. regards kevin
  7. whats been going on neil!! got to the bottom of it yet regards kevin
  8. yeah get it swaped mate i bet that is all it is??? remember different chips use different co pot settings,if un sure ring your chip manufactuer. i have five different chips all for a 68mm pulleys,i think if you intend to keep the car have a full custom re-map done,I have tryied these chips in a few different g60 all with different outcomes,or at least use a wideband to see whats what.the one chip i have does the same as you have mentioned in all g60s i have placed it in. regards kevin
  9. as above mate!!! I changed the chip and all is spot on,on my set up as i would imagine yours would be my fly and crank are bang on a match,but i do set up by the fly!!. mine was a duff chip as i said above. at the moment im not running the sns chips i have but have gone back to the bbr one,with this chip i get no hesitation when booting it,and the car revs so much better. change your chip neil and see what happens,only takes 20 mins or so. regards kevin
  10. neil i had that problem,it was the same at the flywheel. it turned out to be a dodgy chip,had new one sent and no problems since!!! you purchased your chip around the same time as me if you remember,might be related. i thought it was the way i was seeting the car up at first,so took it to a local rolling road and he found the same problem,the car was impossible to set the timming,went back to my old chip and had no problems at all.contacted bilal and he then sent out another chip. no problems with new chip as for setting timming but it massively over fuels when you floor it,but fine if you gradually exelarate. try putting your old chip back in and see what happens regards kevin
  11. there is a place in bridgend that have a good reputation, RENOWHEEL HOPE THIS HELPS REGARDS KEVIN
  12. kevin

    rota cup wheels

    very nice!!!!!!!!! :wink:
  13. drop me a pm with your home e-mail address and ill sort you one out. quite simple really regards kevin
  14. top answer,there is always something you dont expect!!!
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