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  1. Thimk theres a few threads on the vortex forum on this conversion. Surely if we are subscribing now we should have access to these old threads/information?
  2. Sorry for the hijack I'm looking to replace some copper brake lines on my Corrado as one of the unions has been damaged trying to replace a stainless front line. I have never done this before so am a completenovice looking for some advice on a good quality flaring kit and a bending tool. Is it better to use kunifer rather than copper? stainless unions? Has anyone got any links or tips to offer before I commit to buying the gear and having a practice please? Many Thanks
  3. Does it do anything more than VCDS?
  4. Ive just received a set of the Phenix ones, they look the muts!!
  5. I believe these were the last (late) versions of the cover as they were listed for the Golf and the Corrado by VW when they were still available. I bought one years ago when there were only four available, I never fitted it in the end and now lives in my loft
  6. Yep Absolutely swore blind that they were original fitment
  7. I've seen one person claiming that but if its true (which I doubt) there can"t be many
  8. I had 312 mms fitted on teves 2.0 system I went back down to 288's as I felt that there was no discernible difference in stopping power but the weight of the discs and 16'" inch wheels on low profile tyres ruined the handling feel.
  9. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/VW-Golf-MK4-1-8-GTi-Turbo-Front-Brake-Caliper-Piston-P54058GL/332416104279?epid=7015975312&hash=item4d658b3757:g:3XcAAOSwbWZaVQ3H All the measurements of the piston on there
  10. Well done Shaun, I'd be 99% sure thats the right kit, in fact I'm ordering a set now for a planned refurb of my 288's
  11. Definately a measured 25mm
  12. I have some nearly new abv passat b4 discs in my shed I could measure in a min Pretty sure etka online states they are 25mm though? Give me 10 mins
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