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  1. Yeah, seen a lot of the split version, do you know what the BBS RX226 5x100 was originally fitted to?
  2. Have you got this now Roger?
  3. 2 mk1 tt drivers side arms is what you need, no dremmeling required
  4. How much is the black vr6 Chris?
  5. I have both on two different cars, believe me there is a significant difference
  6. There is a Passat breaker on FB with the seller asking £2oo for the whole teves 20 system
  7. I remember seeing an alloy upgraded boot popper being offered a year or two ago. Anyone else remember seeing them and know if they are still available please?
  8. https://www.ebay.co.uk/p/Laser-3932-Terminal-Tool-VAG-VOLKSWAGEN-AUDI/11011376951
  9. Sorry I meant the pipes/hoses etc in the bay
  10. Are they the same set up as the passat B4?
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