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  1. No probs. It's nice to look back on the thread of the old corrado ;)
  2. Hi, sadly the corrado is no longer with me. I sold it via this forum, but not sure if another member owns it. I am on the MK1 OC forum but son't visit it very often. Thinking of selling my project car as I just can't find the time or money :(
  3. I am selling my mum's corrado VR6. She had passed it onto me as a working project, but i just don't have the time or money to put into it. So sadly we have come to the agreement that it should have a new owner that will. Milage is 154k. Engine runs well. Drives very well and always a pleasure behind the wheel. Recently serviced. New auxilery belt and battery. New rear wheel bearings. New heater matrix which is a quality part and not a cheap copy. Interior is cream leather with working heated seats which is nice :) I have done the Dave16v centre console fix along with a mk4 leather handbrake lever upgrade. I also have interior window trim/seals in good condition spare as current ones have cracked due to sunlight. Fresh six months tax and MOT in october. Has a moon roof, but sadly the mechanism is at fault as it will not open and shut properly. The bodywork is in need of some repair. There are areas that have rust. But passed MOT with them recently without issue. I would love for someone to fix her up as she is a great looking corrado in a rare and attractive colour. Hate to let it go but my mk1 golf project has to take priority. Located in Westerham on the West Kent / Surrey border. £900 o.n.o. PROVISIONALLY SOLD. [ATTACH=CONFIG]76216[/ATTACH][ATTACH=CONFIG]76217[/ATTACH][ATTACH=CONFIG]76218[/ATTACH][ATTACH=CONFIG]76219[/ATTACH][ATTACH=CONFIG]76220[/ATTACH]
  4. Hi Dave, are any kits available currently? Thanks, Adam.
  5. Hi, do you have a door pull surround trim and a drivers door car top seal? Also i am in need of rear arches if you possibly have the shell still?
  6. As title, in need of a pair of rear brake carriers for the VR6. I'm stating VR6, because i'm unsure if other corrado models use the same at the back. Siezed and rounded carrier bolt leaving me with only two options. Replacing the carrier(s) is one. Thanks.
  7. Hi Geoffers!!! Looking forward to going to look at some potential rado's with you soon. Maybe even in the VR!!
  8. I have sadly just had mine go on me, making the passenger side footwell soaked through. Have now taken the carpet and seat out. So will order myself a matrix from GSF soon. Many thanks for you guys for producing some great pictures and know how! Think i will attempt to remove the unit without the dash out. Is this a sticky yet? As it probably should be :)
  9. Thanks guys! As far as i know, it's a factory spec. Doesn't look like anyone has fitted afterwards. Yes Portent, L reg :) and thanks, my mum does have good taste in motors ;) Pics as requested. [ATTACH=CONFIG]73555[/ATTACH][ATTACH=CONFIG]73556[/ATTACH] Sadly a heater pipe looks to have split inside the matrix area and now the carpets have got coolant in them, so i will be searching to find out more about this. Today i took the carpet, seat and sound pads out as they were soaked through.
  10. Cheers Geoff!! Looking forward to those summer cruises!
  11. Hi, i have recently been passed on my mothers VR6 corrado and pretty grateful to say the least. I am an avid vw fan, owner of two mk1's. One, a cabby with power steering and a 1.3 driver which has been a long work in progress project. Finally with a 1.8 8v K-jet engine converted :) The corrado is in need of some T.L.C as it hasn't been used in almost a year. Bodywork mainly. The engine and general mechanical / underpinings are in good condition. I am currently using my cab for normal day to day use but this will be sold to make way for the corrado Here is the 'rado last summer. [ATTACH=CONFIG]73480[/ATTACH] My cab from a few years back. [ATTACH=CONFIG]73481[/ATTACH] Project car. [ATTACH=CONFIG]73482[/ATTACH]
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