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New storm vr6 owner

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Hi people.

Just picked up a vr6 storm in green yesterday.

Loving it but has a few issues like-


Rev hang

Oil leaks

Small coolant leak

Front passenger footwell wet

Rusty cills near rear arches

Rear poiler not working


I'm sure I'll find more probs in the coming days but if anyone has got any pointers about the above faults pls let me know!


Im a mk1 golf and audi guy but always lusted after a rado vr6 and im chuffed to finally have one! Bonus that's its a storm also.


Cheers peeps!

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Welcome aboard mate.

Does the spoiler work on either the switch or at speed?

Passenger footwell is either a badly sealed foliage cover in the engine bay , or more likely a leaking heater matrix that involves a dash out. Best to find that one soon as it soaks into the insulation in the floor which doesnt dry out....could be linked to your loss of coolant!! Damn.

Most oil leaks are easily sorted.

Good luck and have a great new year with it


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Hi and thanks.


Spoiler does not work at all.


Pretty certain the damp is from the fan intake thing. Whats ghe bestvway to fix that?


I need the top half of the air intake box if anyone is willing to sell me one as has a silly.cone thing on it..


Looked in to the rev hang.. seems like the throttle body is not closing quick enough, like the springs aren't strong enough..? Anybody know the fix for this?


Loving it tho great car! Driving feels real again!


Thanks all

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On the foliage cover you want one of these:




It's under the passenger side of the scuttle cover, but you can access it, if you're careful, by just lifting up that side of it. Then you want to clear out the debris, check the drain in the corner isn't blocked too. There's a clip that holds the cover in place, you sort of slide it off with a screwdriver (from memory) and take off the cover leaving you with a hole. Scrape off the remains of the old gasket, which will probably be in bits by now, degrease with isopropyl alcohol, stick on new gasket - it's self adhesive - and replace cover.


It'll likely be pretty messy under the scuttle cover so it's worth cleaning it out properly and checking the drain is working by pouring some water down it once you've replaced the seal. Easiest way to get deal leaves out, if it's dry, is with a vacuum cleaner.


Enjoy :-)


ps: the other possibility if it's not the intake seal is a leaking door membrane, the plastic sheet under the door card. Also, pretty much every Corrado fault has been covered somewhere on the forum, so it's always worth searching through past threads.

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Thanks for the advice mystic rado turned out to be the foliage seal which is now sorted.


Is there a fix to make the throttle body close quickwr when taking yoir foot of the accelerator as seems to be sticking slightly making it slow and causing ev hang?


Also does anybody have a stock vr6 airbox for sale?



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Welcome along.


Check the throttle cable is moving freely in it’s housing would be my first port of call. They can get kinked and foul the housing if someones been heavy handed. Even better, give it a drop of oil.


As for an airbox, if no one on here chirps up, reach out to Chris Ferry on Facebook. He has most Corrado shaped objects.

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Mines obd2 so don’t know if it’s the same but there is a step motor on the throttle body that can cause surging and funny revs, new throttle body fixed this.


Spoiler could be fuse, wiring or control unit. When you turn the ignition on without engaging the engine you should be able to hear the auxiliary water pump for about 30 seconds then turn off, then you should hear nothing. Is this the case with your car?

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