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MFA on hidden/test mode. Position 1: CError

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Hello everyone,

I'm struggling again with my G60. Everytime I fix or replace something, something else decides to break.

Basically I got very very poor idle now in winter, when months ago was fine, or at least not that bad. Also, has got very big (I mean, VERY BIG) explosions when let off gas between gears.

I'm searching where the issue came and is not the main goal of the thread, but today, looking for air leakings, I saw, in the MFA Test/Hide Mode, CError in position 1.

What does it mean? What is the common value to see there? Maybe it's indicating there is an error at the ECU or at some point of the car?

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17 hours ago, KarlosG60 said:


ive never seen or heard of this code but ive also never had a G60

have you got a Bentley manual - i cant recall if that covers the G60 but i think it does

having had a quick search ive found the below, which though it doesnt mention the code you have it might make some sense of the MFA readings & lead you on a trail

Boost Check Via MFA - Volkswagen Corrado G60

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Yes, I got the Bentley, I didn't see anything about. The gauge cluster was replaced for another (same reference). There are something is needed to do before install it? If is yes, I did nothing.

Thank you. 

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