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  1. There was a thread on VW Vortex - I don't know if all the pages are there, though... I also use parts catalogue Group Parts Corrado (COR) [EUROPA 1992 year] (7zap.com). Others are available, but I stuck with this one! Have fun
  2. If you are stuck, I have one from a Mk3 Golf. The grey wires will be the same (just longer). I would need to check the other single wire connectors (indicators, main beam, etc, as I'm sure its a 3-way connector).
  3. Here is a photo of where my heated seats harness connected:
  4. Does your speedometer work in the dash? From memory the vehicle speed is passed around on a blue/white wire. So from the gearbox sender (near the diff) the wire goes to one of the little 4-way connector blocks above the fusebox (it will have a few blue connectors in there - see the picture here http://the-corrado.net/topic/86840-heated-seat-wiring-earth/?do=findComment&comment=1030915). One wire then takes the vehicle speed to the dash and another will take the signal to the spoiler control module. The spoiler control module is behind the dash where the manual switch is. If your speed displays correctly on the clocks, it could be an iffy earth (especially as it worked fine last summer). Check the earth connector near the spoiler controller - follow the brown wire. And then the earth block in the rear hatch by the spoiler itself. Do the reverse and number plate lights illuminate correctly on the hatch? Are they dim? Or do they dim when the spoiler moves? Report back with your findings...
  5. I don't know, but i did find this - I hope it helps: The unofficial Cluster Swap thread | VW Vortex - Volkswagen Forum
  6. A little more info' for you - from Cressa!! Rear badge gap/position - Car Care - The Corrado Forum (the-corrado.net)
  7. According to the 1992 Volkswagen Corrado Product Information Bulletin (Jan 1992 - No4): "The Supercharged badge will be fitted as standard to the rear of all 1992 model year Corrado G60 and Polo G40"
  8. Philly-R6

    Sunroof motor

    Could you get the sunroof loom for the MK4 Golf and try to integrate it into the existing Corrado wiring?
  9. Philly-R6

    92 VR6 engine ECU

    I used these threads, too. The thread by Science: VR6 OBD2 Harness Adaptation - Engine Bay - The Corrado Forum (the-corrado.net) The main thread by C488ADO: How to fit / wire / install obd2 - [Archive] Wiki Submissions & Collaboration - The Corrado Forum (the-corrado.net) I went the Science route of modifying the Corrado harness, but it is proper time consuming. Just get the Golf harness and put it in - get the Engine harness, too. You can include your factory Immobiliser in the OBD2 ECU, too: Immobilizer - Ross-Tech Wiki. You need to know the PIN for the Immobiliser (I got this using VAG Tacho and an cheap/copy VAG-Com OBD cable). Not actually driven it yet, but it idles and revs!
  10. You may have to stick /page/2 on the end of the address bar (an annoying known issue on here...).
  11. Refer to the G60 boost check at the bottom of The Buyers Guide: The Corrado Buying Guide & Checklist - THE Corrado Forum Knowledge Base (the-corrado.net)
  12. There are three pins on the Vehicle Speed Sensor: 1 Black 12v (Ignition) 2 White/Blue Signal 3 Brown 0v Pin 2 provides a square wave whose frequency changes with speed. I found this video: VW VSS speed sensor 4 pulse - YouTube I have never tested a speed sensor, so you may have to apply this to what the sensor looks like... Essentially, take the sensor off. Apply 12v to pin 1 & 0v to pin3. Turn the gear inside the sensor and see if you get an output on pin2. Have fun!
  13. Hi, The standard wires are described in this thread: Definitive Guide to Corrado Stereo Wiring. Mods pls sticky! - ICE 'n' Secure - The Corrado Forum (the-corrado.net) and on A2 Resource Radios (a2resource.com). You can buy Radio connectors from eBay (for example https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/363857704289) - if you want to build your own harness? As you know you only need a good earth, permanent fused 12v and switch 12v from the Ignition switch. But it also depends on what is left of your wiring harness - there could be live wires in there if the harness has been cut off. Or (hopefully) the radio connectors are still in there somewhere?! I'm sure the radio wiring is part of the dash wiring harness. I doubt they would have unpicked all the radio wires nicely...
  14. Just to report back... I bought a pair of replacement adjuster bits from the chap on Etsy. It wasn't too difficult to replace the adjuster base - just fiddly. I had to split the headlight to disconnect the adjuster from the reflector (I could not get enough purchase on the barb to disconnect the adjuster using a screwdriver from behind through the bulb opening). Then I used a drift to knock the adjuster shaft from/through the handle, so I could screw the shaft into the new part. Adjuster assembly shows the parts separately. The new part is the white bit in the middle (re-using the original gromet). Once fitted, it looks like this: I've not got the headlight back in the car yet, so not sure if the adjustment range is there, but it seems ok so far...
  15. Has anyone used their replacement adjusters? Are they any good? Someone else is doing them on Etsy now: VW Corrado Headlamp Adjusters 3D Printed Replacements in PETG - Etsy UK Just wondering if this is a viable fix in reality...
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