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  1. I thought the camshaft specs were posted on here, but I cannot find them... I did find this post on Club GTi: What's the differences between Golf and Corrado cams? | Club GTI - unsure how truthful it is...
  2. Hi Cressa, can I bagsy these, please?
  3. I cannot confirm or deny - I suppose it depends what bolt(s) have snapped and access to the area. There isn't that much room to get your hands there _and_ see what's going on - even if the inlet bits are removed from above. Hope it helps
  4. I stumbled across a photo of the fusebox - dropped toward the floor. Power ( TV5 ) is to the left of the pic and Illumination ( TV8 ) to the right.
  5. I don't remember any studs around the transmission tunnel. I would guess the handbrake fixing would be the only stud substantial enough for an earth. There are a few studs for mounting the plastic trims on the tunnel? And one for a plastic clamp for retaining the various harnesses. I have only seen the two standard harnesses: 1. small harness: White plug for the switch, Black 6-way plug to connect to the large harness, two single plugs to the blocks on top of the fusebox. 2. large harness: Black 6-way socket from the small harness, two plugs to the seats, large block housing the two controllers and the earth.
  6. I wrote some notes here: The harness is grounded to the stud by the relay assembly (Brown wire with ring connector) - near where your knees would be sat in the rear-left seat. See Cressa's pic here: Power comes in via the Black wire (Green plug) which plugs into the grey strip/block ( TV5 ) above the fusebox. Illumination for the switch is supplied through the Grey/Blue wire (Grey plug) which plugs into the grey strip/block ( TV8 ) above the fusebox. Match the colours with what's there already... Have fun!
  7. Bigg Red appear to do Repair kits - unsure if they are for our VR6's...
  8. I was toying with that route, but not actually bought one. https://www.merlinmotorsport.co.uk/p/omex-shift-light-pro-omslp https://www.merlinmotorsport.co.uk/files/transfer/technical/doc/omslpwiringinstructions.pdf The instructions state the box can drive up to 0.5A (or 6W), so should drive a relay.
  9. Part 358-611-301 Brake Master Cylinder Reservoir, Corrado. Used my original cap to match the plug.
  10. [From memory] I put a non-abs Corrado reservoir on the MK3 master cylinder and servo. The reservoir had the feed for the clutch (but not the two ABS feed pipes). I can't find my photos (or the paperwork for this item??) at the mo' - I'll get the part number at weekend...
  11. Hi Stone0311, I have some photos of when I was looking at G60's a while back - the image is of a 1991 model. From your lower image, the large L-shaped pipe (at the bottom) with the thin pipe from bottom to top is the pipe (from the engine bay image) from the top of the radiator to the thermostat (thin bit goes to the expansion tank). I don't know what the earlier cars looked like...
  12. Hi, Interested in the doors and boot. Are they in good condition - any rust / dents / deep scratches etc. I will deffo take them if they are in better condition than what I have! Also, where are you? Phil
  13. Excellent work! I always wanted to put a push button to drive the central locking from the inside in that blank next to the demister switch. I'm inspired now....
  14. Try Simtek in Rochdale (https://www.simtekuk.co.uk) - I've only bought wire from them, though. You can do it yourself if you want to invest in some tools. It isn't that difficult - just fiddly, if you are interested in that sort of stuff... If you are around Manchester, I will show you.
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