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  1. Here is my favourite pic of my Moonlight Blue 95 VR6.
  2. branty

    Bbs RS 301

    Yeah agree with seanl82, you will be lucky if you get a set for 2.5k now.
  3. Hello, Looking for one only side only really the two door handle gaskets please. Thank you Lee
  4. Hello, I might have one of these, I will check when I am back home for you.
  5. Blast from the past this car! Wish I had the wheels
  6. I am sure these are BBS RC041 that they fitted to the BMW E36? What fitment are they?
  7. I have the ebay item above fitted to my screen when I replaced earlier this year and can vouch they are decent quality.
  8. Please cancel my order down Chris, I have managed to get hold of a pair. Cheers Lee
  9. Received today, thank you very much. Very kind of you. Like the message too 😀
  10. Hello, If possible I would require x2 of the pads please. Obviously I will pay for them. Thank you Lee
  11. Love this car and the way it looks, I have a set of RS's for mine and they do look lovely on a Corrado.
  12. Looking good, got some nice goodies there! I will be keeping an eye on this thread.
  13. As title says really, I bought the car with no mouldings on it and I am after a full set of 6 late spec if possible would want a mint condition set as car has just been painted.
  14. What a car! I had a Satin Silver back in the day and loved it, looks great with the RS's and Nothelles, Venoms on the other hand 😬
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