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  1. will take this mate, pm sent
  2. did you get chance to check mate?
  3. having difficulty uploading pics, if you message me your email will send over
  4. sorry mate having difficulty uploading, if you message me your email will send over
  5. whats price including postage to uk please?
  6. yanmack


    see what you mean :) nice that you have shrick
  7. Would not even like to guess how much that Red campaign for sale for
  8. Can't believe how decent the interior looks, should be awesome when finished :)
  9. kudos buddy must have taken ages to remove that old underseal
  10. how much would the tank straps be Hasan?
  11. had high hopes for Poland, but looks like they on their way out
  12. Good day for england :) qualify last 16 and whitewash Australia in the cricket
  13. you got a link to his ebay page?
  14. have you got the indicators as well?
  15. Thks for info rob will think on it
  16. Nice will take a look, are the heritage ones oem?
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