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  1. Before I throw them out, does anyone want several dozen Volkswagen Driver magazines dating back over 15 years, together with a few others? FREE!!!! Collect from St Albans.
  2. Graham Sincerest apologies for leaving it so long to get back to you about the rear screen and fan motor etc. Long story of personal circumstances. If you still have these items I would like to have them. If not, please let me know anyway. Best wishes Roger
  3. I have a complete bumper in Dragon Green. The steel beam and mounting brackets have surface rust but will be ok once cleaned. I am in St Albans, Herts. Call me on 07785 331060 if interested. Best wishes RB
  4. Always the most difficult parts to find are the smallest, so here goes: 1. Passenger side exterior roof trim strip rear end piece, black rubber, L-shaped. Not the rectangular piece behind it. 2. Clip which holds the two small bore water pipes to/from the throttle body onto the vacuum pipe to the ISV. 3. Screw caps for A-post interior trim fixings. Beige, small diameter, push-on. Thanks. RB
  5. The B4 had a Climatronic system, with thermostatic controls . The Diavia system just has an on/ off cold air supply input to the standard ventilation system. Best wishes RB
  6. I too would be interested, obviously standing in the queue behind Hasan. I have the remains of a Diavia system in mine, but minus drier, condenser and flexible hoses which fell apart when I replaced the radiator a while ago. best wishes RB
  7. Desperately seeking good, hopefully new, side rear window rubbers. I am having a total respray but am wary of possibly damaging the side window seals when removing them. What do people suggest? Do new ones or good used ones exist? Should I accept second-best and paint up to the existing seals? best wishes RB
  8. Time to learn Polish then.......
  9. The Golf Mk2 jacking point repair plate, obtainable from VW HERITAGE, can be modified to fit by a competent welder. The floorpan repair sections, also Golf 2, will also fit with minor fettling. Best wishes RB
  10. Latest...... I cleaned the carpets with a hosepipe, some Aeriel and a stiff brush, followed by multiple rinse/spin cycles in the washing machine. It was a struggle to get the carpets in and out, one side at a time, but we have a large drum machine and they come out almost dry if you put the carpet in with the pile facing outwards. Very effective. Work continues on the body, no huge rush. Photos to follow. Best wishes RB
  11. Another vote for Uniroyal Rainsport 3 205/50 15V. They are excellent in the , err, rain and are reasonably hardwearing. Tend to be a bit noisy but not outrageously. Generally a good price from mytyres. best wishes RB
  12. There is a damper on the throttle body, looks like a small flying saucer with a piston which stops the throttle butterfly from slamming shut. Check that it is lowering the butterfly gently to its closed position. Replace it if necessary, (very easy so long as you can find a good replacement. Check the multi wire connector for the injectors is tight and the contacts are clean. It is a round connector with a fat loom of wires coming out of it on the right side of the cylinder head as you look into the engine bay from the front. Next idea is to have your injectors professionally checked for flow rate and spray pattern, and cleaned if necessary. Check for any vacuum leaks throughout the induction system, perished pipes and loose clamps etc. This is a very common problem with the VR6 engine, but speaking from experience it can eventually be solved so keep us up to date with progress. best wishes RB
  13. Very sorry to keep you hanging on Graham. I do still want the rear screen and the fan motor. I will arrange collection very soon. Thanks for your patience. Best wishes Roger
  14. Thanks everyone for your responses. Unfortunately I have missed the warm weather for optimal carpet drying, but a wetvac should deal with the worst of it. I am optimistic that the car will be back with me by Christmas, front nearside wing and hatch door replaced and floor welding completed, and a glass-out total respray. Best wishes RB
  15. Thanks for the very detailed reply Si. I have got hold of the Golf Mk2 repair section and asked my welder, ( very experienced and interested in making a good job) to fettle it to fit. I will keep you up to date with developments. Maybe others can benefit if this works out well. Further comments are welcome in the meantime. Best wishes. RB
  16. The carpets are out due to major floor welding.....before I replace them, is there a good sound insulation underlay that anyone can recommend please. And what is the best way to clean the carpets? Washing machine? Hire a carpet wet cleaner/ vacuum? Best wishes RB
  17. Can anyone advise if the front jacking point repair section available for Golf Mk 2 on VW HERITAGE is useful, either with or without fettling, in sorting out the badly corroded section on my 1994 Corrado VR6? Alternatively can anyone give general advice on fabricating a repair, maybe using a section from a scrapped vehicle? Best wishes RB
  18. Graham. Just to reassure you that I will collect the bits we discussed. I will be passing by in early October and will make final arrangements with you nearer the date. Thanks for your patience. Roger
  19. Thanks Graham. I will respond tomorrow, 16 July R
  20. Graham. I still need the late passenger side mouldings. Please advise when you can send them and we can arrange payment thanks RB
  21. Yan, I am afraid I couldn't wait for collection notification so I went ahead and got a door from someone else. I hope you understand the urgency. BUT, I had given you my word that I would take yours so I will pay you for it if VR6MONKEY does not want it after all this to and fro business, or if you don't find another buyer within a reasonable time. Please let me know how it turns out. best wishes Roger
  22. Graham. To clarify, I need left (passenger) side mouldings for a 1994 Corrado VR6. Is this what you have? I am confused by the Mk 1/Mk 2 references. Thanks Roger
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