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  1. Hi. If you still have new LH door protector strip, and wing and rear quarter, I will take them. Thanks Roger
  2. Hi Yanmack. Please contact me about the passenger side door. Thanks Roger
  3. Hi again Yanmack.Please advise when is convenient for me to go to Stafford . Best regards Roger
  4. Thanks VR6MONKEY. Greatly appreciated. Roger.
  5. Hi Yanmack Thanks to the efforts of a member of our local Geriatric Drivers Club earlier today, I need a passenger side door.I will come 125 miles to Stafford tomorrow or anytime afterto collect. Minor blemishes are not important but it must be without damage other than that. Please text me on 07785 331060 if this is ok with you. Many thanks Roger
  6. I disconnected the servo hose at the inlet manifold connection, and sucked on it!! It was passing air so I knew that either the hose or the servo was not airtight. Then I noticed that the PPS was loose in its grommet/seal on the body of the servo so I removed the circlip and took it out. The rubber o ring was missing due to total error on my part. After replacing it there is complete airtightness and the brakes are back to their former " glory". Good, although not up to modern standards. For a while I was afraid to drive it. The brakes were very hard and yet weak. Best wishes RB
  7. I finally sorted the weak braking effort down to an air leak into the low pressure side of the servo, so that there was really practically no assistance. When replacing the pedal position sensor I had not replaced the O ring seal between the sensor and the servo body. Very embarrassing negligence on my part which caused a few heart-stopping moments and could have had tragic results. All fine now, although still not up to the modern standard of braking I get used to inthe Passat. Thanks for all interest and help. Besr wishes RB
  8. All the part numbers are in the list given in the Knowledge Base/Engine/ Timing Chain Replacement Part 2, sub-forum. Sadly, the prices quoted are out of date and some parts may be obsolete from VAG but still obtainable via eBay or from VW Heritage. Best wishes RB
  9. If you need a reliable expert to fit the abs pump, I can recommend M Chapman Auto Services, in Hatfield Road , St Albans. 01727 844179. Ask for David or Sam. Or Intelligent Autos, 279 High St., London Colney. 01727 824196. Ask for Ian. Both are known to me as VW trained independents. I have a spare ABS/EDS ECU which you could use temporarily to check if yours is faulty. Contact me if you need to try it. Best wishes RB
  10. Be aware that all those plastic parts will be very brittle if they are the originals. Get a set of replacement rubber o-rings at the very least because if you reuse the old ones they WILL leak. best of luck, RB
  11. Further to this, l am also in Hertfordshire if you need some help. RB
  12. Also try a company called ECU TESTING, somewhere in Derbyshire. I have heard mixed reports on BBA REMAN. Some say they will charge for a test, return the unit with an alleged clean bill of health only for it to remain faulty. On the other hand, maybe there is a wiring problem. Have you thoroughly cleaned all the connector blocks withcontact cleaner? Are all the 3 relays working properly? They live under the passenger side parcel shelf, two marked 179 and one marked 79, together with 2 30A fuses. That area is prone to water ingress. The ecu is there as well. Thoroughly clean the 55 pin connector block and even take the cover plate off to search for obvious signs of corrosion. I have a spare ecu if it turns out to be that. Best wishes RB
  13. I have a fully refurbished ABF 16V cylinder head for sale. I had intended to fit it to my B4 Passat but I have now sold that so the head is surplus to requirements. Totally cleaned and crack tested New valve guides and seals. Recut and lapped seats Light skim Complete with cams Complete Elring gasket set Complete bolt set I want £300 for the whole thing. Postage at cost, or collect from St Albans, Hertfordshire. Best wishes RB
  14. To be honest I am still not happy with the brakes......weak and very long pedal travel. And..... When I switch off the engine with my foot on the brake pedal, it immediately kicks back and loses all vacuum assistance. Is this a leak in the servo or the associated hoses? I have a spare non-return valve, I will try that tomorrow. Maybe the pedal position sensor grommet didn't seal properly when I replaced the PPS and is leaking to atmosphere. All comments gratefully received. Best wishes RB
  15. I eventually replaced the pump/valve unit with a known good second hand unit and all is well again. Incidentally, it took a lot of time and effort to get a decently hard brake pedal after the change, but we got there eventually. The trouble is that I get used to the very powerful brakes on the B6 Passat, and then the Corrado brakes seem so soft and weak. Best wishes RB
  16. Veedubbed. Some time ago you said you have a spare tailgate seal. If you still do have one please let me know. Best wishes RB
  17. Hi. Are these still available by any chance? RB
  18. PM sent with contact details Roger
  19. Thanks Sean. Yes I have, the pedal position sensor is now ok, just the pump signal is out of tolerance. best wishes RB
  20. Excellent. Can you be a bit more detailed about the rusty bits please. I will send my email to you by private message and ask you to send a few pics to that. best wishes RB
  21. I made further enquiries at VW. Unfortunately the bore of the 16V system is smaller than for VR6, so it is no good for me. best wishes RB
  22. I am interested. I have a VR6. Can you please measure the outside diameter of the inlet and outlet pipes and let me know. thanks RB
  23. Are these still available please? best wishes RB
  24. I have now replaced the relays and the problem persists with either ecu. So it would seem to be the pump unit that is faulty. Additionally, the light comes back on after a few metres down the road irrespective of whether the engine compartment is cold or hot, so the cause of the fault is apparently getting more severe. It does point to a possible electrical/electronic failure. Before I throw it at BBA REMAN, does anyone here have an opinion on them? I have seen negative comments elsewhere, and good comments on ECU TESTING in Derbyshire. Both are quoting similar charges to sort it out, so I am interested to know what you may think about either or both of them. best wishes RB
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