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  1. Who uses a sunroof these days? Just something else to go wrong. Go for a walk if you need air.
  2. Amos Motors Limited, still trading. Elliot Symcox and Mark Smith are the Directors. I'd issue them with an invoice and follow it up with a CCJ if they fail to respond.
  3. :notworthy: Corrado VR6
  4. Definitely think the red dash is overkill but those blood-red Recaros would look amazing in the right colour Corrado! As you say Jim, I think he has no idea they are Recaros let alone from one of the 6 Campaigns!
  5. Absolutely Jim. I guess if someone is that bothered about the car and the community, and their prized possession finding a good home, they aren't going to be put off by 10 posts ... Or as with 99% of people selling Corrados here, they are already actively posting and using the forum anyway.
  6. It's not a rule I've put in place ... But I can see the argument. If someone hasn't bothered using the forum (community?) while they've owned their Corrado, should we just offer up a free resource for people to make money when they want to sell up? It isn't exactly that difficult to amass 10 posts. My comments aren't aimed at Kirsty ... it's a question that crops up from time to time.
  7. VR6

    BBS Nuts & Bolts

    Any advice on which actual sockets do a good job without damaging bolts?
  8. VR6

    It Happened Again

    Another dodgy tyre??
  9. Just open a dispute then and stop wasting time with the seller?
  10. Back to the first two main questions ... how did you pay?
  11. 23 bids to get it to the heady heights of £48!! And :lol: at the steering wheel. But if the owner likes it, fair play.
  12. Ebay presumably means Paypal payment ... ? Problem is though, how long before the other 3 (or a replacement) just start doing the same thing?
  13. God forbid anyone mentions searching the forum. Possibly using Google as admittedly the site search is a pile of gash.
  14. VR6

    Electrical Problem

    http://bit.ly/1iGx49u http://bit.ly/1iGxqwQ http://bit.ly/1iGxuwM
  15. VR6

    Electrical Problem

    Have you tried the search?
  16. And people say the forum is dumbing down :lol: Get in and drive it, don't worry about the salty air! Enjoy your day out :)
  17. You need to be a donator to post a car being broken / this many items.
  18. Is your username short (:grin:) for 'Altitude' ... ?
  19. Would be nice with all this advertising and forum sales making you money if you could at least become a forum donator? :shrug:
  20. Sorry ... who are you??? ;)
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