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    Hey Judith, thanks for the well wishes! I think you're right about there always being a weakness in the damaged area, unfortunately the damaged area is the whole of her back! I also appreciate what you're saying regarding the body taking the brunt of the forces but I think the more there is there to help dissipate those forces the less impact it'll have on the body, which sorta stands to reason! Obviously you're not any more or less likely to have an accident in a newer/safer car but the consequences will be worse the less protection the car gives you, IMO :)
  2. Walesy

    8v Lovin'

    Well, thought I'd pop on and update the thread. 4 months on, my missus is starting back at work today, doing a phased return starting with 2 hours a day - she's still basically either in constant pain or off her head on pain killers, still hasn't been able to pick up our son or carry out menial tasks like using a washing machine, hoovering, shopping etc etc since, unbelievable :( We've had to cancel 2 holidays, and basically adjust our whole way of life because of the accident. The doctors have said that she may never actually fully get back to being the healthy young Mum and professional woman she was before matey decided to take a detour onto the wrong side of the road :( It's all been a bit shcitt tbf! She's done extensive damage to every muscle in her back, which is pretty debilitating to say the least. As much as the rado did well for a car of it's age, I think it's fair to say that the amount of physical damage she sustained would have been reduced significantly had she been in something newer and safer like the Audi we replaced the rado with :(
  3. I'm sure my experience isn't par for the course with him, and as I said there's no part of me that ever thought he was trying to scam me out of the £4 i'd spent on the parts! (which was a good price for them tbf!) it's just bloody aggravating when you're waiting for something to arrive, for weeks on end, and you seem to be getting nowhere with it. I too can go for weeks without logging on, but certainly not when i've taken peoples money for parts I'm supposed to be sending them :)
  4. Must admit, he's by far the worst person I've dealt with in terms of buying stuff online, I certainly wouldn't buy from him again, I had to wait months (literally) for the fusebox clips I bought from him, to the point at which I actually gave up waiting and tried to find some others elsewhere (funnily enough, he managed to get around to sending them as soon as I put a new 'wanted' add up on here) Although it's very aggravating (and lets face it, as a Mod he should really be setting a better example) he's really not a 'scammer' - he just doesn't seem to have any sense of urgency when it comes to sending out parts that people have paid and are waiting for.
  5. Glad it helped mate! :awesome:
  6. I think you can use green bulbs which will make the light appear orange through red lenses.
  7. You can also try adding a '*' after the term you're searching for on here - i.e search for ' ABS* ' or ' VR6* ' - it'll at least recognise the term you're searching for then.
  8. Yeah, they don't look like your average boozers do they! :lol: The few times I met him he was always obsessed with drinks, from squash to cocktails! so it's great to see someone so passionate about something manage to do so well out of it 8)
  9. Dunno if many on here would remember Trig? He sold up probably 4-5 years ago now, but he's been very busy since - when he used to use this site he was the bar manager in Fat Tongue Oliver's 'Fifteen' restaurant, since then he's managed to become UK barman of the year and now owns a couple of posh bars in London, as well as a consultancy firm :) http://purl-london.com/ http://whistlingshop.com/ http://www.fluid-movement.com/ Anyway, I was shocked to see him on The Apprentice last night, Alan Sugar sent the winning team for drinks at Trigs bar :lol: He's done pretty good for a young guy from little old Cornwall, hats off to him :)
  10. I'm totally gutted to have to sell the pair of tickets I have for this gig, I just can't afford to go any more so they're up for sale :( If anyone here fancies it let me know, the gig sold out within hours of going on sale, I'm happy to let the tickets go for what they owe me - I can't quite remember but I think it was something like £80 per ticket, I will confirm if anyone here is interested! :(
  11. Haha! Not quite, well, not yet anyway! :lol:
  12. I now have another holiday let that will be available from the start of August, it's a nice smart 1 bed studio right in the center of Newquay, 2 minute walk to all the bars/clubs and restaurants, and 4-5 mins walk to the town beaches, 10 min walk to Fistral, PM me if you're interested :)
  13. **EDIT - No longer for sale!** :D
  14. Gah! I was hoping to be able to retire on the proceeds of this sale! :( Well done mate, i'll get it in the post on Monday ;)
  15. Exactly this^^ baring in mind that where I live is very rural, I can hear a car approaching from a mile away and so can the dog, there are also no pavements on the majority of the roads around here, they're country lanes, my dog plods along 2ft in front of me on the side of the road as she's been trained to from the age of 12 weeks, the only reaction she gives to a horse passing or a chicken in a field on the other side of the road is a gentle wag, she's certainly no cat killer as she's been brought up with a very dominant one in the same house so she knows her place. It's not the same as living in a built up area, maybe I would feel differently in that situation, I'm aware of the dangers and consequences but I'm also aware of my dogs temperament and behavior, it's more normal to see dogs off leads around here than on. Exactly! If that's the case why did you earlier suggest that he rings the police and reports the dog as being 'dangerous' for chasing a cat? - which could potentially mean that the dog is punished (i.e put down)? I'd bet that if it wasn't for the breed there would have been no mention of 'dangerous dogs' or muzzles, it chased a cat ffs - if you've owned similar type dogs for 20 years then surly you should know more than most that they wrongly suffer from a bad reputation because of comments like this; Again, I'm not sticking up for robbo's neighbour, but those of you that class a whole breed of dog as 'dangerous' and deem it necessary to muzzle them when out of the house clearly just misunderstand the breed due to bad press, let alone classing all owners as chavs/wimps/trying to look hard by their choice of dog. I spose I should also step off the staffy soap box like Macdaddy having said my piece, I'm obviously hypersensitive to it as I've had to deal with it for a long time, I see it as the only bad aspect to owning a staffy as other than their rep they are absolutely fantastic family pets. And I'm also off out for a walk so wish me luck! :D EDIT - dont just take my word for it btw, read it here - http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/7239464.stm - or directly from the Kennel Clubs website who incidentally will only recommend 2 breeds for families with children and staffys are one of them -
  16. No, but my neighbours ducks have actually attacked my dog on a few occasions, perhaps I should report them to the police? Would I report you for kicking my dog? no because I'm not a petty person, I would think you're an absolute thug though and let Karma deal with it, fortunately I don't live somewhere where people behave like that though. Just to get it straight, I don't think it's right that your neighbour lets his dog chase your cat and if it's not under full control it should be kept on a lead regardless of whether it's a poodle, collie, retriever, or whatever! if it continues to cause problems then you should absolutely call the police/RSPCA - its the derogatory stereotypical and ignorant comments about staffs and their owners, suggesting that it's a 'dangerous dog' and that it should be muzzled purely because of it's breed, that I object to.
  17. Sorry but these 'dangerous dog' comments are ridiculous and absolutely ignorant, reporting the dog to the police for chasing a cat? are you for real? If it was a collie or a labrador would you be labeling it a 'dangerous dog' and suggesting that it should have to wear a muzzle or that it should be reported to the authorities? You might as well just bump the poor thing off by whacking it over the head with your Daily Mails. EDIT - Also, I'm one of these 'wimps' who walks my staff off her lead and without even a collar every single day apparantly 'trying to look ard' - if anyone would like my details so they can report me for having my 'dangerous dog' off a lead and without a muzzle feel free to contact me and Ill pass them on.
  18. Craigowl has been a member on here for a number of years, which enables others to build a picture of the type of person he is and the way in which he looks after his car, I would be willing to bet that his car will be in as good a condition as he describes if not better, I know the car you're talking about and it changed hands a few times in a short space of time and was neglected, which couldn't be further from Craigowl's Storm's situation. I've said it before, but if I was after a Storm, or a green VR6, I would be strongly considering Craigowls'.
  19. :lol: I think the best option has to be just avoiding the E38 show like the plague!
  20. Sorry mate, wasn't implying that you're not capable of fitting a grill badge! was just looking for reasons why they went missing as it just seemed odd that they'd be nicked but having heard that it was at a VW show it seems far more feasible now! :lol: Clear silicone is a great idea, although it's a shame that any measures like that need to be taken!
  21. Oi! We'll have none of that talk in this thread please! :D - nah, I jest, I can see where that train of thought would come from but I find it difficult to believe that 2 have been nicked! why would someone do that? surly they'd have to be pretty clued up to know that they're obsolete and therefore worth a couple of quid? are you sure you've fitted them correctly? it might be worth using cable ties or something to secure it.
  22. Yeah, having looked on completed auctions on Ebay they've fetched more than that too, as silly as that is! I'd be happy with the starting price so anything more is a bonus :)
  23. Would you sell them without the adapters and if so, what's you best price?
  24. Yeah, I'd rather the market dictate what it's worth than have to name a price tbh!
  25. Hi, is this the price without adapters?
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