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  1. Great show, made me wander back on here full of nostalgia, such fantastic cars :D
  2. Unfortunately I've not had chance to test drive one, due to working 7 days a week at the moment and being in Cornwall where we're not exactly spoilt for choice in terms of car dealers, however I'm pretty much decided that I'm not yet in a financial position to afford to be a 911 owner, I got a bit carried away on seeing how cheap they are to buy but the more research I've done about the cost of ownership the more convinced I am that it's not the right time. So yeah, I'm looking at newer cars, the Scirocco being one, and for the first time ever I've even been fancying a Jap car, the Toyota GT86, so will be trying to find one of them for a proper look.
  3. Again I'm quite out of the loop with Rado's so not sure about current values of cars and/or parts but when I was, it was much more worthwhile selling the car as a whole, or taking the pricey bits off and selling them then putting standard bits back on and flogging the car, as said breaking a full car is a lot of hassle!
  4. Very nice indeed, love a black G60! And having had a few G60's and a few 16v's I can definitely confirm that there's very little in it in terms of running costs, in fact I used to get better mpg from the G60's than the valvers!
  5. Walesy


    Lovely looking example, and his wife's looking pretty good for 62 too! ;)
  6. Yeah I don't think he's anything to do with the VR6OC, he does have his own luncheon meats forum though, maybe that's what you're thinking of? Anyway I've managed to get in contact and all seems well with him, no great dramas regarding jacking it in on here, purely that life moves on. I did tell him that some of you were pining after him though which I expect will have made him feel all warm and fuzzy inside, even the Jailor has a heart :D
  7. I did it and it wasn't worth the effort, granted it was about 8-9 years ago so prices for parts have probably risen a bit, but still once you'd factored in all the mess, the time, the scraped knuckles, the selling, the wrapping, the posting etc etc, it worked out a waste of time for the money it brought in, I ended up having a garage full of stuff I just couldn't get rid of so had to scrap anyway, and I seem to remember it was the little things like switches etc that were most sought after.
  8. The the C4s is preferable, that back end, mmmm! :D You're a lucky guy having a 997, fantastic looking cars! I'm still scared though. Being able to buy the thing is one thing, it's having the finances to run one properly that I'm thinking I'm going to struggle with, it won't be a daily so I suppose it wouldn't be the end of the world if something went wrong and I needed to lay it up while I got the money together to fix it, but I'm just not sure that it's sensible to buy a car like this if I'm not 100% sure I can maintain in properly. Even though they're referred to as the 'practical supercar' they're still an expensive car to run and probably beyond my means if I'm being sensible, but you only live once, etc. Gah, around the circle I go! :-/ I've test driven two, and loved every second, I'm going to go and test drive a Rocco TSI and see how I feel, that's the other option for me and I've never sat in one let alone driven one, I can't help feeling they're going to be pretty dull compared to the 911 though! Cheers for the input.
  9. Yeah I realise that the 996 is the ginger child in the Porsche family, being the first water-cooled was never going to go down well and sharing a front end with the Boxster didn't help, but if that means that they're affordable to me then I can live with it, a 911 is a dream car for me which is why I was so blown away to see what sort of prices they're going for. From what I can gather then 3.6 engine still suffers with the IMS failure that is the big problem with the 3.4, that seems to be the downside to them, I've not heard of any problems with the 4wd system or the triptronic gearboxes though.
  10. Good call, i'll have a look on ebay for an old issue, and yeah the Cayman's are also surprisingly cheap, stunning looking cars but I need the rear seat which they don't have, otherwise I'd be very tempted! I'm pretty sure that the 3.4 engine in the Cayman is the same lump that's in the 996 with the bad reputation, obviously it's bad enough to be a contributing factor in the low prices!
  11. Yeah will do, I've sent him an email but it's an old address so I've no idea if it's still active.
  12. That's another good point, you're right surely these cars will never drop much below what they're selling for at the moment, I'm just wary as they almost seem too cheap!
  13. I've been looking around for something a bit more fun to drive and was shocked to see just how cheap the 996 has become, you can pick one of these up from £8k, £12k seems to get you a nice one, I've been and test driven a couple and they're lovely cars - so, does anyone here have any experience of these? From doing some reading, there are horror stories regarding the IMS bearing, but knowing what forums are like for doom-mongering (G60's being a good example) I'm not sure whether or not to be put off, are these cars cheap for a reason, and do they cost a fortune to maintain? I've read that they're known as being a 'practical supercar' that can be used daily, they have rear seats and child seats can be fitted so no worries there, I'm not fussed about MPG as I wouldn't use it as a daily. I'm looking at either the 3.4 or 3.6 but have heard the 3.6 is better, preferably the 4wd and would prefer a triptronic (yeah yeah, I know, but I like my autos and my wife would drive it now and then so 4wd would come in handy!) So, anyone owned one or looked into them? I'd appreciate any input, it seems like a lot of car for the money, originally I was looking at the new 'rocco until I saw I could get a 911 with half the milage for the same money!
  14. Hiya Kev, yeah I still pop on here every so often for a peek even though I've not owned a Corrado for a few years, it's a great forum and testament to you lot that run it! And yeah you're right, things change and people move on, I just meant it's a shame if Tom left under negative circumstances if that was the case, he was always part of the furniture here having been on the admin team since the dawn of time. Anyhow, I've been meaning to get in contact with him for a while but haven't got around to it, I've just managed to find his email address in my old email account though so will try to get hold of him with that :)
  15. Sorry to read this, what a shame after 12 years of putting so much time into the forum, I'd be grateful if someone could PM me Tom's email address if possible? (Hope all's well with everyone BTW! :D)
  16. Another free luxury weekend in Cornwall is up for grabs, fill your boots! -
  17. Hey all, hope you're well! :camp: I'm selling a private plate so thought I'd put it on here, it's been valued by one of those silly websites at £650 but I doubt anyone will pay that, so thought I'd stick it on here for £250 plus transfer to see if there's any interest. As you can see, if you were squinting while looking at it from at least 15 metres away, with a couple of strategically placed black screws it would read 'COOOL'. If you're dyslexic, and ****ed. Other than that, if your lucky number is 13, and your name is Charles Cedric Lovejoy this could be the plate for you! It's currently on the car, I have another plate that I'll be putting on the car so I can put this plate straight onto a vehicle for whoever buys it, here's a couple of pics; If anyone fancies it, drop me an email at dave At unity social media dot co dot uk
  18. I use a Cannon 450D, I've had it for about 6 years and it gets used and abused and never treated with any form of respect or care :lol: I mainly use it on beaches etc so it's covered with sand and salt etc and its literally never put a foot wrong, highly recommended! :D
  19. Hmm, that does look good for the money, I shouldn't come looking on here!
  20. It doesn't look like any of you lot won I'm afraid (unless any of you are called Emma?!) but it was worth a chance! :D
  21. No chance! the winner will be picked at random, no matter how many pork products you try and tempt me with! Best of luck :D
  22. Hi all, hope you're all well! :camp: At the risk of bringing a spam-like post to a forum of quality ham enthusiasts, I just thought I'd pop on here and post a link to a competition I'm running on one of my websites to give you lot the opportunity to win a great prize!1!1 There's absolutely no catch at all, it's a genuine offer hence me posting on here - Details are used purely in order to contact the winner and nothing else (make sure you uncheck the box if you don't want to sign up to the newsletter) It just takes 2 minutes, you do need to have access to a facebook account in order to enter though. The competition ends tonight at midnight, good luck! :awesome:
  23. Very smart! and lightening fast too, nice one :D
  24. Hehe, I was just doing some searching on Google for this Terraclean treatment and this thread appeared, small world! I've not logged on here for ages, everything's changed! I've been offered this treatment for free by a client of mine. He offered to treat my 2.5TDI T4 which is on close to 180k miles, and as much as I hate to look a gift horse in the mouth, I'm not too convinced by it! I think on lower mileage engines it might be OK but surely with an engine on high mileage like mine it can't be good to completely clean it of carbon deposits? My engine runs very smoothly , idols perfectly, gives decent power and MPG, so I'm inclined to go with a theory of 'if it 'aint broke, don't fix it!' When you're having an engine rebuilt, don't they have to use some sort of paste when re-seating the valves to replace the carbon build up?
  25. I very rarely come on here these days, so gutted to come on here and read this :( Whenever I had a problem with any of my Corrados, I would ask for help on here and it would be such a relief to see a reply from RW1. Chris always managed to share his encyclopedic knowledge of Corrados in a way in which someone non-mechanically minded like myself could understand, he managed to talk me through fixing problems I would have had no way of dealing with otherwise on numerous occasions, and always in such a humble and unassuming manor. Condolences to his family and friends.
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