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  1. Absolutely not! that wasn't what I was getting at :lol:
  2. Must admit I'm a bit surprised you've sold up Kev, but I suppose it's fair enough after so long and so much playing around with it, you were bound to get bored. But what I don't get, is the thoughts of going to a Mk2, same as Tom, I've had a couple and they were O.K but certainly no where near as good a car as the Corrado is in just about every aspect, it seems like a backwards step in many ways. Anyway, congrats on your sale and well done/thanks for all the input you've given - you may have trodden on a few toes over the years with your 'if you don't like it, fork off' attitude, but there aren't many people who have given so much info and put so much time and money into R&D as far as Corrados are concerned, and the info/knowledge that you've documented will continue to help owners keep their rado's on the road for a long time I reckon, so nice one! :asslick:
  3. Another recommendation for Audi-sport.net, although (touch wood) I've not had any problems with my A4 yet, it seems to be a decent forum full of knowledge, very few ego's and quite a similar 'vibe' to here :)
  4. I sold up on a number of occasions over the 11 years I owned various rados, and ended up coming back to them again and again. Although I don't own one now, and have no plans to buy one, I still love the rare occasion I see one on the road and I pop on here for a look. The last one 'I' had was actually my wifes and she really felt attached to it even though we only had it for a couple of years, until it was smashed up! Having done so many miles in them (holidays around Europe, wedding car, etc etc) we'll both always be fond of them but I'd be shocked if we ever have another for numerous reasons, I think it's finally out of our system :lol:
  5. Can you post those pics of your girlfriends norks again please Mr Sunderland?
  6. They make some great guitars for the price! So what does your dad sell his guitars under then? surly they're not just called 'Russell's Guitars' :lol: I'd have loved to have gone into making guitars for a living, I've got a thing about it! they're such beautifully made things - you should really get him to make you one!
  7. Wow, that's interesting! Does he sell them? if so what are they called? I've dealt in high end acoustics for years, I currently have a Fylde which are hand made up North, and an Avalon L32 (my baby!) which was hand made for me in Ireland, both cost more than I've spent on some cars! I do take them out occasionally but they're both fully insured! :lol:
  8. :lol: Only messing Mr Sunderland! What acoustic have you got?
  9. I'm pretty sure I bought that from the guy you sold it to, it was completely standard and in immaculate condition, the guy I bought it from was in the Essex area as far as I remember (or some area close to London, I flew there and he picked me up from the airport) - I'm sure I remember it being on around 78k when I bought it, it was definitely in the 70's though, and it would have been around about 2006-2007ish. Doesn't help with who owns it now though, I sold it on after about 4 months as I just couldn't get on with the colour, I bought it due to condition and mileage and hoped the colour would grow on me but it didn't. I can't remember much about who bought it either other than it sold on Ebay.
  10. How about the swiss army gun? Perfect for all eventualities, a must for all self respecting ghetto dwellers.
  11. You're bound to hit those pesky burglars, or at least hit someone somewhere, with one of these badboys! Or maybe something a bit more subtle like this;
  12. I think I might of had that for a bit, can you remember when you sold it and what mileage it was on?
  13. That sounds like a great deal! I'm new to all this smart phone lark, but I'm finally going to accept that my Nokia 6310i probably won't ever break and I could do with a decent camera and mobile internet for work, so time to bite the bullet. Where did your missus get that from Kev? I assume the above deal won't transfer to the new Iphone when it comes out? i.e is it worth me waiting for the same deal with the new phone, or would the equivalent deal with the new phone cost more? As much as I'm not bothered about having the latest gadget it seems daft to get the current Iphone if I could have the latest one that's out this month for the same price.
  14. Yeah I've gotta be honest, I think I agree with Davidwort and the others that are saying you might be better off walking away from this one, in your situation - unless the house really is exceptional (i.e it's ridiculously cheap, or it's in an amazing location and a once in a lifetime opportunity to buy there, etc etc) or you have either the skills or the cash to rectify any problems if/as and when they arise (which it seems like you don't) you could end up regretting it, and it's a big thing to regret! I'm not a fan of 'new builds' - in fact if I'm honest I hate them! but if you're worried about being covered for every eventuality then they can be a safe bet with the NHBC guarantee, new windows/boilers etc etc. My first house was 6 years old when I bought it, completely devoid of any character and air tight and stuffy, but it did the job and was cheap as chips to maintain and heat etc etc. I think on the whole it's more difficult to sell an 'estate house' when the time comes and they're more susceptible to drops in the market, but they have their benefits especially for first time buyers. It seems like you're pushing a pea up a hill, and as much as it's a nightmare having to throw £1k into the wind, sometimes when things aren't happening organically you've gotta take the hint cut your losses and move on, chalk it down to experience and try and knock an extra £1k off the next house you offer on to make up for it ;) If it was meant to be, etc etc. Again, best of luck with whatever you decide, they say buying property is the most stressful thing you can do, and that's because of situations like this! wait 'till next time when you're in a chain, that's when the real fun begins! :lol:
  15. Wow, is £1k really a good price for an interior still? I can remember Recaros fetching good money years ago when Corrados were still worth a few quid, but surely parts prices will have dropped along with the prices of the cars?
  16. I saw a lovely looking Mystic Storm in Newquay last week, I think the last few letters on the reg were FFB - anyone here?
  17. As others have said, it depends on how much you want THAT property, if it's in the right location and ticks enough boxes on your list of requirements then it might be worth throwing caution into the wind and dealing with any problems that come up as they arise. I must admit I don't have surveys done on properties I buy, I let the mortgage company carry out their survey in which they list any problems they find, if there are any significant problems they won't lend you money on that property. Things like boilers going etc are just part and parcel of owning a house, I wouldn't let a couple of certificates get in the way of a large deal like a house purchase, in my view things like that are just fine details. I can remember the mortgage survey on my home stating that the roof had 'reached the end of it's serviceable life' i.e it was f***ed, there are bits of duct tape holding tiles on in places, proper Cornish 'fixing'. 3 years on and it's still up there keeping the rain out! It's been there since 1926 so a few more years won't hurt! :lol: I think it's easy to get panicked about things like cracks etc, In the past I've had builders come out and accompany me on second viewings to give me an idea of how much it'll cost to fix potential problems, maybe it'd be a good idea for you to do the same, just make sure you get someone reputable - they'll give you a real world idea of what's gone wrong, how to fix it, and how much it'll cost, rather than a surveyor who'll most likely have never laid a brick in his life. Good luck! :)
  18. My wife has moaned at me in the past about the amount of wheels and other various vehicle parts lying around, but she wasn't moaning about them when our fence blew down in the storms a few months back, so make sure you keep a few sets of spare wheels around, you never know when you or your trees might need them! :lol:
  19. Sorry for the delayed response Joby! I don't get on here much and completely forgot about this thread! If you're still interested in the Tenerife apartment then PM me and i'll give you a number to ring for any inquiries :)
  20. Can do you a 2 bedroom apartment in Playas Las Americas in Tenerife if that's any good? although it's booked out until the end of October - it's a top quality pad opposite the beach and a short walk from all the bars and clubs, loads going on there and year round sun - £450 a week. I'm shocked you were able to get anything in Ibiza for £150 though! that's dirt cheap - a 2 bed caravan around here (Cornwall) sets you back over £800 for a week at this time of year, it's no wonder everyone goes abroad!
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