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  1. Yeah go on then mate, I'll PM you now.
  2. Right, had a good rummage and found 2 of them, but unfortunately both have lost their chrome finish :( So they're up for grabs at £7 each if anyone wants one. Sorry leeeeshad
  3. While we're on the subject, if anyone wants an original 1995 sales brochure for their collection, get in contact :D
  4. I think it's pretty good, i'll see if I can find it tomorrow and PM you! :)
  5. Sold! :) I'll PM you my Paypal details. If anyone else needs one, let me know and I'll see if I can find the other - I also think I have a worn one with no chrome on it, would need colour coding - £7 delivered.
  6. Hi all, I'm pretty sure i've got two of these, I know where the one is but would need to dig around the garage if anyone wants the second! The first one was only on the car for about 12 months so is in mint condition, and as far as I know these are now obsolete? Anyway, £15 delivered :)
  7. Hi all, I was about to get rid of the service history from the 8v when I stumbled upon these, having looked on ebay there's a few for sale, most seem to be around £30 so I think £20 delivered is fair? I'll get some pics if you really want, but basically they're exactly the same as these - http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/VOLKSWAGEN-CORRADO-SALES-BROCHURE-SET-1995-2-0-8V-2-0-16V-2-9-VR6-/290681835207?pt=UK_CarParts_Vehicles_Manuals_Litterature_ET&hash=item43adfccec7#ht_514wt_1054 - and they're in similar condition. There's some great pics inside and really good info too. Let me know if you're interested :)
  8. Well said, and I would absolutely agree that the G60 is probably a really good compromise - i've had some fantastic MPG figures from them, even my 210bhp tuned nugget gave me better fuel economy than any of my 16v's did! but my comments on the 8v have been in terms of cost of ownership, not just MPG. Anyway, it's much of a muchness - the OP has bought himself a VR6 :lol: good luck with it mate, i'll look forward to seeing it on the roads around here :)
  9. Hi mate, I seem to remember you were the chap that bought Coxy's beast? hows the car going?
  10. Cheers for that, mines the 1.9tdi though :) Shame about the wheels but I'm sure I'll find some!
  11. Dont' suppose you still have the S-Line alloys lying around taking up space have you? :D
  12. Nice :D What wheels have you got on there then? I'm thinking if just getting some S-Line 17"s - I don't want it looking too bling or modded, but the current ones are a bit lost in the arches!
  13. I'm not making any judgments about what car has more torque or which will beat XY or Z off the lights - neither the 8v or the 16v are 'quick' cars, and for that matter neither are the G60 or VR6 in real terms, it also depends largely on your driving style - It seems that it's a difficult concept to grasp that not everyone buys a Corrado because they want to race it against every Tom Dick or Harry. I wouldn't dream of wading in and offering advice to someone who has asked for info on a 24v Corrado as I've never owned one, let alone tell someone who has that they're wrong and I know better than them! It's not as if I'm on my own, there are a number of long term members who have owned each variant who ALL agree that the 8v is seriously underrated (by people with no experience of them) and is easily the most economical of all rados, why can't it be left at that? :lol:
  14. I've owned 6 valvers and 3 8v's over the space of 11 years - that's were I get my 'impression' from ;) ---------- Post added at 7:10 AM ---------- Previous post was at 7:09 AM ---------- Oh, and I can guarantee you none of them have been 'dogs' too. ---------- Post added at 7:36 AM ---------- Previous post was at 7:10 AM ---------- I can't seem to edit my post! :lol: but again, look at all the people on here that have actual first hand experience of owning all variants - there are now a few of us in that position, and every single one of us say the same thing, surly that says it all - I appreciate that you like your valvers, but it's not fair to give out 'advice' and opinions when you're not in a position to do so based on anything other than having a drive of a mates one, especially when you're discounting the views of others that have actually got first hand experience. What I'm saying isn't based on opinion of which i prefer driving, it's based on the facts derived from cost of ownership over a large period of time.
  15. Well here's our replacement for the rado, completely different kettle of fish and a lot less inspiring, but a lovely solid drive and has all the kit that's become more and more necessary over the last few years work wise, so hopefully it'll fill the boots and some :) Needs a remap and some different wheels though! :lol:
  16. Have you owned or driven an 8v? There's really not a lot in it power wise between the 16v and 8v, and the cost of owning and running them is night and day.
  17. Walesy

    Bell Insurance

    Yeah, I should have mentioned that the rado was bog standard and I wouldn't be surprised if they weren't interested in modified cars, but it seems to be a growing trend on here to keep the cars standard so it may come in useful for some :) The icing on the cake was the new quote, you'd think that after a big accident and claim (albeit a non-fault one) they'd be quite expensive, but they were only £20 odd more than the cheapest quote I got, so I've gone with them again due to the quality experience we've just had with them - as much as it's natural to go for the cheapest quote insurance wise, having just been through a claim it's just as important to choose a company that is good in the event of an accident as well as providing a decent price :)
  18. Walesy

    Bell Insurance

    Thought I'd stick a thread up to say what a great experience I've had with these, my rado was written off about 10 days ago and they've been absolutely brilliant with dealing with everything. I've had a top of the range courtesy car since the day after the accident, they've given me a very fair amount and have paid out promptly (helped by the fact that the 3rd party admitted liability) They've been excellent on the phone dealing with any inquiries I've had, they've answered the phone within a few rings EVERY time i've tried ringing them, all round they've been spot on - the best bit is that I've just had another competitive quote from them on our new car, cheaper than pretty much everyone else I've tried. The only thing worth mentioning, is that it is their policy to not allow customers to buy back their salvage - this hasn't particularly bothered me so I haven't kicked up a fuss, but it may bother some people. 10/10 from me :)
  19. One thing i'd say is that they're certainly a lot more rare than they were a few years back, there seems to have been a rapid decline in numbers over the last 2-3 years. Looking at the usual classifieds (ebay,pistonheads,autotrader,gumtree etc) there's only a fraction on the market nowadays. As for values, Im not sure that it should really matter - a bit like houses, people can be preoccupied with value when they should really be just making the most of it and enjoying living in it, same with Corrados. I don't think there will be a huge hike in prices like some people seem to expect, these type of threads have appeared every few months on here since the year dot, with the exception of the tiny minority of absolute low mileage minters, they're never going to fetch big money again IMO.
  20. Walesy

    8v Lovin'

    Yeah, I was pretty shocked when she came out with it, was expecting more like £700 than £1700! I don't think i'll be able to get any more out of them though which is shame as it goes against my nature to take the first offer from anyone! :lol:
  21. Hi mate, as others have said, If I were you I'd be aiming for an 8v if you can find one! I live in Cubert so just around the corner from you, and up until last week when it was written off near Monkey Tree campsite, my wife was using her 8v for local and long distance runs and it was giving an overall average of 38mpg. If you can't find an 8v (they're the most difficult to find) then I would just go for the best condition Corrado you can find, having owned and lived with every variant there really isnt much between them MPG wise.
  22. Walesy

    8v Lovin'

    Well they're sticking to their £1700, they won't accept the auto one on autotrader as it's got different transmission therefore it's not the same - regardless of whether it makes mine worth more or not. They're going to ring me next friday if I cant email more evidence of manual 8vs for sale at more than £1700, I think if none have come up for sale by that point I'll have to just accept it :lol:
  23. Much nicer than Sebrings, they're the worst standard wheels IMO! And a K reg would have add Estorils on it originally, if that makes any odds! :)
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