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  1. all we need to do is create a year with 3000 months
  2. :agrue: dont forget us rare 8 valvers...if theres gonna be a representation of all corrados on the calender?? :thumbleft:
  3. i think a early headliGHT should fit a later model??
  4. Walesy

    MPG comparison

    it does depend on what you want the car for.. i have a 2.0 8v and i get an average of 31mpg ..i use the car for work and do alot of millage so i suits me but it is UNDER powered in my opinion so if your into street racing choose the g60!
  5. there was a french dude in a midengined vr6 convertable in last months performance vw..anyone see it?
  6. hi mate...ive just come back from spain via france in my 1995 raddo..i went on the dover-boulonge crossing and got on and off fine..my car is lowered 40mm so unless urs is lower than that you should be fine...theres generally guys stood there to watch for things like that..astons and tvrs get on somehow!
  7. thanks for the opinions guys..its nice to have wheels that can make an impact! i have come to the decision to take the wheels off and sell them though. i do really like them but i dont think i like them as much as i should for the money theyre worth!.. they are too small fo the raddo and would look lovely on a mk1 or 2 golf..or even a polo! p.s...i f anyone hears of any estorils going for sale let me know! ta.
  8. the bbs are sweet. stick with them i reckon
  9. ive never seen that before??? :?:
  10. i was a taxi driver( im afraid!) for 7 years..you do get the occational one who looks after there car..i always did! has it got loads of holes in the dash??
  11. sorry...excuse my sarcasm....i havent recieved any pms yet mate??
  12. did you send it with royal mail?
  13. p.s.. is the one in that pic above a J.E Designs copy???? ive seen a set before with the different center
  14. yeah..ive heard they change hands for alot of money..mine are in need of a refurb...i had a smash a couple of weeks ago which involved one of the wheels..they should be in pukka condition again soon, thats why i put the thread up..to help me decide what to do with them...i am a fan of the "euro" look and like i said i do like the wheels..but i feel they deserve to be on the car that they were designed for...i bought the car in the summer with the wheels on (not sure if the guy who sold me the car knew what they were as he through them in for the ammount we had already agreed on the car without the wheels???) ..two weeks later i was at the vw festival in margam park s.wales one of the guys from gwent vw was chasing me down the carpark to offer to buy them! but i didnt sell because i didnt know how much they are worth and didnt want to get ripped off?
  15. cheers...i do like them...but i fancy a change..was thinking of keeping them and getting a set of estorils ..but im intrigued with the porche rim idea? wondering what theyll look like?
  16. hmmm theres a tempting offer?? got any pics?
  17. bingo...they are oz turbos..they are quite rare and saught after, they were first designed for the mk1..they were on the car when i bought it and i hated them...but i lowered the suspension by 40mm and they started growing on me, now i love them..but ive still never really been sure of them..im thinking of taking them off and putting estorils on ?? thanks for the honest opinios by the way..and oh yeah..the tyres look shite and i could do with smaller ones but they were on the car and new when i bought it..so i have been waiting for the tread to go...mr budget here!
  18. hi.. just wondering what the general thought on my wheels was??..some people hate them and others love them?
  19. boyfriends??? plural??? guess thats due to the corrado!
  20. i only realised mine had it recently!
  21. ok..to add another one in ..my 95 8v has adjustable timing on the intermitant wiper ...which models have that>?
  22. i got a 1995 m reg 8v with all electrics but no H/A :afro: :scratch:
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