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  1. Engineering teacher. I wish I had a trade or was self employed.
  2. I've been trying to get hold of these without success. I phoned Bridgestone today and the technical team said they had gone out of production and there were no replacements planned. They suggested a couple of wholesalers but they appear to all be gone.
  3. Hi, is there another set still available? Impaled one on the door of a Honda I was helping to fix earlier today. I'm a total idiot.
  4. Two in two days possibly.. Dark one in Homebase car park Sixfields, Northampton yesterday at about 1830. You parked near mine with lights on and the engine running, I thought it was mine about to be nicked. Another dark one this morning at about 0815 dodging potholes on St James Mill Road. Looked awesome!
  5. moneypit23

    Spal Fans

    I probably could if I had a drawing/dimensions. Getting quite handy with the cnc plasma cutter at work.
  6. Aqua blue vr6 n reg in Banbury town centre just now.
  7. It's good with a tiny bit of surface rust near the indicator hole, on the inside.
  8. I have a drivers side wing in Northampton.
  9. Well done! I'm just waiting for a few bits to be sorted on my bike. I might get a month of use out of it this year :)
  10. If somebody can send me one as an .STL file, I can print one at work. Depending on the type of the machine, a smooth finish is possible. Our machine only produces a glossy finish on the surfaces which don't require support material during printing so they would need to be printed in a less efficient way but could be glossy.
  11. I'm going to need some of this too.
  12. That was me, took one look at the traffic and went back the way I came. It's lowered a little on AP coilovers. Very good as it happens.
  13. Probably not me, I see the blackberry one a lot. Got a wave the other day too.
  14. +1 Grand Budapest Hotel - wouldn't have been my choice but weirdly very, very good 8/10
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