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  1. Hi Mate, It's a difficult balance isn't it. The work you are doing can be seen as a little excessive and being a little too much but in reality you are just presenting metalwork a lot closer to how it looked originally but with a better finish than it had at the time. There will always be some that will say one thing or another but if the presentation is sympathetic to how it used to look I would personally prefer that. Keep it up mate it's looking fantastic. 👍
  2. Looking Fantastic Chris 🥰
  3. Hi Folks, Very long time no see 😉 Just a lurker these days. Judith was lucky enough to be invited onto the Meguiars Stand at the NEC Classic car show, this was obviously a tremendous accolade for her to get on there and one I'm very jealous of lol! The way it's been going the last few years Auction is definitely the way to go as per all other high end cars. The money Ford escorts now fetch is ridiculous for example. Whilst at the NEC Jude hade a few interested parties looking over her Storm and one particular fellow got in touch through a 3rd party and a deal was done. It's been quite a wrench coming to terms with parting it after owning 2 Storms in 25 years the later one being her most loved which she's owned since 2008. I cant disclose the fee but it was very good and one Judith couldn't really refuse so it's nice to know it's going to a nice fellow who'll care for it like Jude did 🙂
  4. Weather was Perfect for us really so ain't complaining on that one.
  5. The car had pretty much already been done before we met up for our input to the show. They did say it would have been good to do it the other way round though lol!
  6. Yep can confirm as been involved with the filming of the show with a select group of Corrado Club Nutters too which was filmed on the Cat & Fiddle in Early September last year. 🙂 We all had to keep quiet about it until now lol! Really looking forward to the show and really hope they use some of the excellent footage they used like on the opening credits on the Fiat Uno Episode on the 10th
  7. I'd have a set too please Chris 😉
  8. Oooh! Fame at last 😄 Some cracking pics there and brought back a few memories.
  9. Looks Amazing mate and good the see a few bigger pictures than on insta ;) Fantastic work!
  10. is the sound proofing vag Jon or replica stuff? also has it got adhesive on already? Ta!
  11. Yes usually glued to the screen, I have thrown 2 pairs of brand new ones away too as nobody seemed to want them :/
  12. The Bikes were made by a couple of guys in the med 90's from the Manchester/Liverpool area, I work in the cycle trade and have done for 28 years. The shop I used to work at was approached by them for us to become a stockist but we didn't bother as they were similar to other brands around at the time. They did sponsor a UK team at one point too and one of their riders John Tanner went on to win thew National Road Race Championships thus becoming a great advert for their bikes. When they came into the shop I already had my 16v and my boss asked them about where they got the name from, They hadn't even heard of a VW Corrado lol! and they got the name from a suggestion of the name to use from a wind over a few beers aparantly
  13. Let me see if i can find any.
  14. KIPVW

    Headlight switch

    They were around £50 from dealers as I bought a couple. one in 1999 and another in 2006 same price. I believe the new ones are a reproduced model too but far better than a second hand one and not a bad price :)
  15. I'll sell a spare pair of them for £20 :)
  16. Jesus that's what i call scene tax. sold a couple of boot poppers recently for less than a tenner.
  17. The section that you have to cut away was the soft rubber part and not into the metal bit that grips the bodywork, merely just a few inches to clear the lock section.
  18. When i bought a genuine one a few years back it also needed to be cut down and a little section carefully cut away near the lock mech. Use a new blade for this too.
  19. lol! Hoping it isn't a stroll this year, doing paris too.
  20. Got a set of new OE ones on ebay at the moment. They are Judith's as she's having a clearout.
  21. Most of the Sony stereos from that period were actually labelled for Volkswagen Group on the cassette player flap so they were certainly a Dealer/Factory unit supplied by either Sony or VW.
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