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  1. GUS

    Inner window scrapers

    @tonedef thanks for heads up.
  2. Hi All, I'm in process of collecting all required rubbers, trim prior prior to a full respray on my VR6. I understand the outer scrapers are prone to breaking when removing but does the same apply to the inner scrapers. Gus.
  3. Is he an independent windscreen replacement guy? Whats the company name does he operate under?
  4. Outer scrapers from Vintage Rubber work out to around £104 each, would they be cheaper than this if they were available in UK.
  5. Count me in. Its one of the few items stalling my much needed respray.
  6. GUS

    Sparks and leads

    Was on the blower with NGK Tech support today, they recommended the NGK BKR5EKUP for the VR6, stated they should be changed at 40,60k miles regardless of age, but more so the mileage of use. The NGK BKR5EKU can also be used but changed every 10-20k miles.
  7. GUS

    Sparks and leads

    Just checking the history and the last set were changed to BKR5EKUP in 2010 at 102,500 miles. The cars currently on 122,412 miles. So have done 20K miles in 9yrs, still worth changing ???
  8. GUS

    Sparks and leads

    Are these now definitely the defacto spark plugs for the VR6 Bosch FR7KPP33+. As I believe the NGK BKR5EKUP are now discontinued.
  9. GUS

    ABS Sensor

    @Fendervg, Thanks for the info
  10. GUS

    ABS Sensor

    Where is the best place and brand to go for regarding ABS Sensors, there seems to be a lot of options on the Bay.
  11. GUS

    Cup holder

    Small type for me to
  12. So took Raddo out of 6 months storage last weekend to get it MOT'd, which went through with no advisories, and decided I cant bring myself to selling it (Just Yet!) Still also undecided on which Porsche, but in the meantime picked up another straight 6 coupe I always liked the look of to add to the collection.
  13. Hi, I'm considering the BC Racing Coilovers over the KW v2's because of the softer springs 5/4kg compared to the 7/5kg of the KW's http://www.bc-racing.co.uk/applications/volkswagen-coilovers/vw-golf-jetta-ii-iii-mk3-93-98/br-series-coilover-type-rn-3.html Is anyone else using these already and how do they find the ride and build quality. PS: They have no rust protection but its a dry weather car only and will probably coat them in ACF 50 spray.
  14. Anyone have that black plastic rear number plate surround?
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