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  1. Dude, nicest Rado ive seen for sale in a long time!!!!!!! Tempted to bid and swap all the parts over haha
  2. On another note.... OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO I like this http://www.demon-tweeks.co.uk/motorsport/steering-wheel-bosses-accessories/omp-steering-wheel-spacer
  3. was a warped head, for anyone interested. So that even more money..... Corrado life. [ATTACH=CONFIG]84099[/ATTACH] [ATTACH=CONFIG]84100[/ATTACH] [ATTACH=CONFIG]84101[/ATTACH]
  4. Body work and body work alone im afraid mate. Agree, they do sound the nuts!!!! Almost as good as a Vr :bonk:
  5. full leather set up minus door cards on ebay http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Corrado-Grey-Leather-Seats-/252427156689?hash=item3ac5d4bcd1:g:d-UAAOSwfC9XOt41 £375
  6. I have full leather rear bench set up. no longer of use to me. bit far from you though.
  7. tbh i should really do them a new one, its alright though haha. some nice car they have done, he hasnt always worked there, used to do XK jags. Oh wow, thats a special car man! just the sort of thing he specializes in aswell!!!! Well if there is ever a moment when the bristol and the SC Targa are both working and on the road have to do a little cruise or something haha :D
  8. Had enough. Been going on for a month or so now. Finally resolve it all and he comes back at me with this bull ****. I've got no more tolerance with him. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  9. Im sorry everyone this is happening on the forum. This blokes just been nothing but an awkward difficult obnoxious di ck throughout this whole ordeal and im absolutely at the end of my patients with him.
  10. AND!!!!!!!!!!! If anything ive done you a favor, my mechanic spent an hour or so removing the SEIZED IN DESTROYED PIPES that your clearly could not remove, AS THEY WERE SEIZED IN. Hence why you chewed them up trying to remove them. Ended up accepting defeat and sent them me like that anyway, NOT EVEN TELLING ME ABOUT IT. TELLING ME THEY ARE MINT AND READY TO GO STRIAGHT ON!!!!!!!!! I have actually made them better and saved you or the next person the job of removing the fu cked seized in pipes. What is your problem man.
  11. Really wound me up James, now trying to make me look bad on my own thread. I posted as a last resort on yours cus you weren't resolving sh it. your just doing it to be petty and just embarrassing yourself again. Really upset me how your going on. Fu cking key board warrior.
  12. you can see you have clearly picked bits off to exaggerate it. Might have gotten under paint that was already flaking off though maybe. And no i didnt have those 2 completely fu cked bits of pipe you left in them. That you sold me and told me were completely fine. not to mention you said the calipers were mint and they were fu cking sh it condition. You demonstrating what a pr ick you are James. Would be lovely to bump into you in person and resolved all of this face to face. And i sold you that years ago, what good is bringing it up now in some petty attempt to... well i dont even know what your trying to achieve now. SAD as fu ck
  13. Oh you mean the paint that was already sh it when it arrived that you didnt even picture or tell me about? was like that when It arrived before we even took the pipe out? I wrapped them up if anything better than you did. Can you not do this on my still current thread please. seriously. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  14. Bought them, test fitted ONE, they dont fit with my set up. put them straight up for sale. Been trying to sell them for ages now need the cash, going silly cheap at £450. Ill drive and meet you or drop them off 1hr from my location. Text me if needed. 07867487440 Charlie. will take 420 this weekend
  15. Awesome news bro! I saw her when i dropped mine off on Saturday looking lovely i must add!!!! Now hes got mine to contend with haha
  16. pictures have strangely diapered but there were photos kicking about of Rebekah brooks wedding, that she held the reception at clarksons house, and her Cameron Murdoch and Clarkson are all together having a right old party. Been mates for years!
  17. Corse he did, him and Cameron are close friends!
  18. Scotland just want what ever is opposite to England. If we start a petition for more oxygen they would only come back with one for more carbon monoxide [emoji23] Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  19. Life Lesson. Bacon solves all!! However not danish bacon. Their pork industry is shameful and they treat the pigs like ****. Considering a pigs brain has an intelligence level similar to a dog. cant bare the thought of contributing toward mistreatment of them. Only Top quality organic pork IMO. Chickens on the other hand..... KFC?.... nom nom nom nom :lol:
  20. Agreed. Ummm........ Jo Cox? Too soon? Im a terrible Person. Hell awaits me. I have issues. :shrug::shrug::shrug::shrug:
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