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  1. Agree, only people i ever see playing them down and saying they should be worth less etc etc is people on here. Every car person everywhere else in the field thinks they are amazing, got a few friends who are avid honda and honda only fan boys, yet they all say "i hate vw's but i gotta admit, i love your corrado" "only VW i would ever own"
  2. tbh, i think there has been a change in the market, when prices bottomed, everyone was just writing them off, or scrapping them, and selling them for tuppence. This lead to them falling into the wrong hands, people treating them like sh it and neglecting them, meaning we were left with a hell of a lot of crappy ones kicking about, ones that mostly ended up ruined by morons, written off by morons, or scrapped by morons. Think 4/5 year back, on paper, its a 200bhp VW thats cool, a coupe, a 6 cylinder V and under 2k so every Tom dick and boy racer was buying them and smashing them up and just a cheap **** rag about. we are now on the back end of that. Good examples are now very hard to come by, ones that haven't been ragged and ruined and trashed, i guess the high price for low millage (all be it i know its not always the case) but people see low mileage as reassurance it isn't one of the above mentioned cars. one that's been ragged and ruined. Its simply the rise following the fall. As time goes on and more and more are scraped and ruined, People will continue to realize (although clearly not the view of some) what a truly awesome car the Corrado is. I personally think for what it is along side similar cars its in a league of its own and i think more and more are starting to realize this and appreciate the Corrado for what it is. I think and hope prices continue to rise and they become more and more recognized for the awesome( All be it unreliable) bit of car they really are!
  3. Bloody hell. That really is sorry.
  4. Car looks sick bro! Love the colour aswell and the colour coded wheels!!! Looks spot on! is that a cheeky bench i spot in the back ground aswell? Home gym and corrado storage attached to each other. DREAM COME TRUE I envy that
  5. Well he is in no rush to buy, he got an insurance pay out and has a cheap little e36 he got for a few hundred quid to use as a run about for the time being. il speak to you when your back and we will sort something x
  6. decent, well i assume your in no rush to sell it. May i perhaps throw out there, im picking mine up from stealth racing the 30th, and you only an hour or so from me so maybe i could drive down with my mate and have a look? no worries if not, just a thought.
  7. someone snuck in last minute at 10,201... let us all know how the sale goes bro!
  8. that VSR manifold is worth a k on its own lol
  9. hard to say over a computer... any rust patches? when was gasket last done? cv boot, lower arm under side condition? engine looks tidy but that photo was a while ago, what current mileage? how long have you owned it?
  10. looks like no1 wants to outbid the 10100.. I just hope the 10100 is genuine and not someone hoping to take the owner for a ride.
  11. 3hrs left. What do we all think it will end up going to? or staying at?
  12. Ive got a potential buyer lined up as well!
  13. Didnt know it was possible to have 84 corrrados all working at the time in one country tbh. Madness. As long as the cars done ill be down, just waiting to here back from the VRoc as there is a track day same weekend. How late is to late to confirm attendance for the club stand?
  14. 84? Corrados? Sorry havent ready the full thread
  15. Who's kip? Link to his? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  16. Yer same for me. God knows. Might take it off later and have a look Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  17. Yer I recon mines snapped off or something as they only cancel one side and it sounds like a bit of plastics stuck in there [emoji848] Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  18. i deff need to do this, after looking at yours its deff whats responsible the plasticy scratchy noise i get when i turn the wheel
  19. Definitely, Awesome to see so many going for so much, i remember that C5 OEM coming up just after i got mine, was gutted i missed out, and he was struggling to sell it around the 3k mark, now ones in that condition seem to be closing in on 10K, absolutely awesome news for us owners! although im surprised how many situations ive seen of people responding negatively to people charging higher amount much. In some situations fair enough. But if people want to demand higher and drive prices up on good quality models i say im all for it!!!
  20. Ive heard back from Stealth, Stole all the cash, No cars damaged. Absolute pieces of ****. Hope they get whats coming to them and hope vince gets it al back on the insurance.
  21. Sorry just REAAAAALLLLLLY MAKES ME ANGRY. Especially when my F ucking cars in there. Not herd from Vince so assuming its ok. Still though, what was he aiming for, either going to wrong vince or someone whos cars in there. absolutely disgusting.
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