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  1. more pics? and why does the bumper need painting if its just been painted?
  2. Im glad i spoke to you all about it, i knew you guys would all share my pain one way or another. Made me feel allot better about the situation reading all your similar stories and patients/Corrado loyalty testing issues. Sometime these car just have you emotionally exhausted, you commit your lifes earnings to something, for it to be sat in your garage since Sept/Oct last year, people who have spent less than 10% of that on something cherpy and fun have been going to every show and meet and track day and enjoying their car no end. Made you feel like shooting yourself. Ive missed so much this year already, cant help but feel like if i threw in the towel 2/3 years ago and had a financed and/or modern car i would be out there loving it every weekend. So to my original point, Dictionary definition, Disease: "a disorder of structure or function in a human, animal, or plant, especially one that produces specific symptoms or that affects a specific location and is not simply a direct result of physical injury." "a particular quality or disposition regarded as adversely affecting a person or group of people." I guess the penultimate conclusion and answer to my original question with all the prior responses in mind is, YES. It is a disease. -Its definitely a result of a disorder of structure one way or another. -as far as specific symptoms go, you spend half your life trying to establish what each symptom could mean, or what it could be. Diagnosis becomes a daily part of life. -It certainly affects individuals and, as proven, entire communities. -We all transmitted it against our will, seeing one and being lured in by its charm. -We all wish we could get rid of it, but for most of us we dont know how to go about such termination. -Our family and friends have had to accept what we have, and how its affected us. -It can be strenuous on you and your loved ones. -We have all had to make sacrifices and life changes in order to still be here. I wonder if there are similar agonies shared by other late 80's early 90's coupes, Cant imagine what it would be like trying to maintain a Calibre or Celica, at least the Corrado's nice to look at, even with steam coming out the top, or a puddle underneath, or one window stuck down, or a wing that's fallen off etc etc.....
  3. Plan is to do more track days and enjoy the car for what ive built it for, driving. Less ponsing in show rooms and fields/ car parks, more driving and thrills, although this often comes paired with expenses, WE SHALL SEE
  4. That was the reason behind all this expenditure, the last hora if you will, get it all sorted to a good level, then its lock down and save, buts its just gone from one to to the other. Where do you draw the line. I could still think of about another 10ks worth of **** to do. its never ending. But this is it for a long time, get it going and running wel. then just enjoy it. IN THEORY.
  5. Lucky my misses is as laid back as she is. Meant to be saving for a house and about half way. Ive easily spent a mortgage deposits worth. And for someone living in oxford. thats a statement haha. Thats what kills it, i could be up in my own place with my lady for all the fecking money ive burned into that w ank sock of a car. Had a "I GIVE UP, ITS HOPELESS, IM SELLING IT, WE CAN USE THE MONEY TO COMPLETE OUR MORTGAGE AND GET OUR HOUSE" she wasnt having any of it. But still, it kills you to total it up. People say "oh what you spent on that now" YOU DONT WANT TO F UCKING KNOW MARGRET. STAY OUT OF MY LIFE!!!!!!!!!!!! :lol: :lol: :lol:
  6. Then you see a for sale thread written by an "enthusiast" who's owned nothing but Vauxhalls his entire life and owned this, his only corrado for a total of 4 weeks. YOU HAVE NO IDEA! AGREED! but when its been of the road since the back end of 2015 you kind of start to loose that corrado influenced love. And yes, im glad you laughed, its a laugh or cry situation. As most situations seem to be that involve or revolve around that God forsaken word (Corrado) Should of been called a Corradon't.
  7. Bought nice tyres. MY FAULT ENTIRELY. dont fit. whole car painted 2/3 years ago. front arches rusted. Bought Nice breaks. Dont fit. booked in for mot and find out why not cooling. fans not kicking in. Aux pump f ucked. underneath rusted to sh it. got it repaired all repaired. booked in for diff and Meth. originally one week. head warped. now might take a month. head skimmed. Head re-built. all sorted. back together. Fans not kicking in as they should. they forgot to fit water pump. now strip down again as charged and need to take various bits of to fit pump. then back to other place to find out why fans not kicking in. meant to be going on holiday next week. now dont know if ill be able to go or not. "unable to confirm a completion date" (cant argue with that they are doing there best) I feel like my car is cursed? pushing me to my absolute limits. Now im broke. spent all money on car. money meant for the holiday i was going on with the car. why? What? HOW, can you spend so much time and effort on something and its still a untrustworthy cursed money and sole and life eating pit of doom. Words fail me. Sometimes it makes me feel like i could cry. Corrado life. JUST ME?
  8. Was messed about by someone, back up for grabs will deliver for free upto 1 hour from oxford, maybe further, PM me.
  9. just take the lights out. SPOT ON!
  10. Normally they are all open?
  11. Havent just popped a pip off? Exactly this happened to me when i first got the head done and cams SS manifold etc, sudden increase in power and increase in throttle enthusiasm lead to one of my coolant pipes splitting of, a hell load of steam and lost all my coolant, get her jacked up and get a torch on it have a good old look about check a pipe hasnt split or popped off.
  12. Don't tell Jamie this. Fgs. Haha. "Best front wheel drive cars of all time" [emoji41] Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  13. The guy at OBD-works is mid putting a Golf-R lump in his Leon Cupra. Awesome engines. Should be savage. There's a few with there eyes on this by the looks of it [emoji1384][emoji16] Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  14. Thanks man :D be getting her back from stealth soon. 2 weeks to go [emoji16][emoji16][emoji16][emoji16] So excited. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  15. I was going to quote some but there is too many, brilliant effort lads!
  16. First weekend of august, nice drive about 9hrs ish havent booked ferry yet, tunnel fully booked
  17. yes mate, the drive alone is as good as the show. Cant wait!!!!
  18. I will be, still unsure how to get my car in the corrado display and not just in the car park? any ideas? i asked before and i just got a link to buy some tickets?
  19. I think I'm gunna ask to be buried in mine tbh. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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