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  1. Caught the perfect angel? Proud of your days cleaning results? Fitted some aesthetic improvements? Took a photo you want to share? or just Caught it in the Sainsburies car park and thought DAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAM! Potentially a sticky with the admins approval, but thought it would be cool to have a "what i did today" inspired thread, for the photos we take here there and everywhere and just want to share with the group. Ill get the ball rolling with a little shot i took while at OBD-works last night.
  2. yer was really impressed with their customer service, shame i fell out with them for putting the full charger value (the value shown on the outside being the figure they use to calculate the tax) on the outside of the box, costing me £750, But in hindsight not their fault. but bloody frustrating from where i was sat.
  3. Cars look such a nice example, good buy there!!! paint looks sexual, and love the colour!!! jealous!
  4. The understanding i have gathered over the years is there seems to be allot of old beef being retained by stubborn old men, and that seems to be the prevention of progress. I started paying for the CCGB membership, but as with many soon didnt see the point. to be brutally honest. I think its a mixture of a few things though: -Being corrados, most of our cars are never in a state seen as show worthy by the owner. -This is a knock on affect, as the corrado for us is a way of life, but for rich kids is a status symbol, so those few we do see at shows, are often ones owns by kiddies with minted parents and huge budgets and are built to an incredible standard. How can you pitch your rusty arched, slightly tatty model against that? -The huge reluctance of integration, for reason im unsure of. There is this age old corrado CF and CCGB almost rivalry, i feel to be more enforced by SOME of the CCGB, people who cant let go of negative pasts or issues and therefore they almost dont want to contribute or integrate with CF to prove some sort of point? Ive mentioned on many occasions the possibility of joining forced, and its like suggesting green peace join forces with donald trump. -The older average age of the forum, once again this probably contributes to the sustained petty beef between the clubs, but also allot have the "been there done that" attitude. Also the shunning of anyone who modifies there corrado outside of the elders ideology of what a corrado "should" be. I could wack a 10ltr V8 in mine pushing 3000hp and still be considered inferior to the bloke who spent the last 5 months stripping back sanding and powder coating the bracket for his starter motor. -mainly though, its the separation of some but not all, each club has its members who contribute on the forum, members who go to shows, and members who dont ever own the cars but used to and still enjoy the forums, the CCGB seems to be, as previously mentioned, a dead horse, yet out of principle rather than it being accepted and the brains and people that made it happen contributing to the CF, i bet my last dollar there are some on there who want the CF to crash and burn, feelings like that are clear, and dont make for a good community. going forwards, i think the CCGB could still exist, but like some said, done as the VRoc do it, the CCGB could be almost like an upgrade on the CF, you join the CF for free, but if you are willing to upgrade to a CCGB membership it enables you access to different areas of the forum and additional things, i and i know i can speak for many have literally not been on the CCGB for months/years, and who knows how many things and event are on there i wasnt even aware of, if its not posted on here, i literally would not even know its going on. CCGB either needs to go completely solo, and run as a different club all together, or join forces, this whole half hearted reluctant coalition bull sh it clearly isnt working and never will. The damaged relationship between the too contributing only negativity to the community. I wouldnt dream of going on there and sparking conversation, i would be moked and shamed for my silly half cage, and stripped out interior, and stupid attitude and immaturity. Think there are far more people on both forums more interested in having somewhere to keep busy and moan rather than meet people and make friends and enjoy the cars. Im yet to break over a handful of corrado related events, yet i travel the country over to do car related things, in the 5 or so years of being on here, ive only ever chatted and got on with about 10 people. Yet its regularly being viewed and has members over the thousands. Tis a strange old place the corrado community. But yer, the Corrado Club of Great Britain, even the name just says it all :lol: If offered as an upgrade to the CF membership, enabling access to another area of the forum with discount codes and such. I really think i speak for many when i say i would be well up for that. This whole, We organise event on this page, talk on this page, hang out on tihs page, but you must be registered to this page, pay money to them, but then all talk on here bull is just stupid.
  5. watch out for import tax, they cover none of it, i got all my super charger kit from them, customer service and that was spot on. Rate them
  6. Where can i get some? is there a company that does such a thing?
  7. Gutted i couldnt make it, looked amazing!!!!! Well done lads!!! Great display!
  8. Its decent, comes in very late though, very high up the revs, i might tweek it abit, against Vinces advice, but wanted it in a bit earlier than past 5k RPM. Ill PM you with regards to restoration work.
  9. Haha. We are in the middle of fields space hasn't been used since we had the offices built 6/7 year ago. But tbh. I think that's a worthy spot for a Corrado anyhow ha. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  10. Thanks dude. Few last minute checks and additions over last couple of days. Finally got round to making the floor for the back aswell. Bit of 4mm plywood and some carpet did well. Knocked it up in an evening. Been using it for work all week. Just to reassure myself it's ready for the journey. It's burning oil and smoking a tiny bit which is a bit poop but Vince and James at obdworks said its running amazing. Vince said I might of just damaged a piston ring ever so slightly when I cooked it. Have to just keep an eye on the oil. Few pics in the car park. Fingers crossed she does me proud. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  11. Picked it up Friday. A few tiny teething problem but touch wood all sorted now and running better than it ever has. Managed 325 on the dyno but figures mean nothing. All I care about is the drive of it and it feels beautiful. Never felt so smooth and controlled. Also never had a car with a LSD before one things for sure I'll never be without. No more one wheel flaring now it bites and grips and pulls, even on the ****ty nangkangs. Can't wait to get some decent tyres on it. Nangkangs will do for mivw though. Pics aswel from the weekend. My mates 420kg 900cc FireBlade Westfield he drove me to pick it up. We were both shocked as how the Corrado stood up to it aswell! Both out will about 2am Friday night :lol: Overly excited now to drive it to Holland. Will be grinning like a child the whole way there. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  12. [ATTACH=CONFIG]84202[/ATTACH] I love it so much :lol: :lol: :lol:
  13. Still my favorite Corrado on the internet. TO DATE! I was thinking about selling the caddy up and using it as my daily!
  14. and im sure dogs would be allowed, but not ideal as its just a big open tarmac airfield, and was scorching hot last year, literally no shade. Not nice for a doggy
  15. The shows only on the saturday, its all very last minute. and you just get a hotel as close as you can and cruise down whenever, i just like the excuse for sick cars, nice/legal plantation and a weekend away! :D
  16. All to familiar feeling there. I will just add, in vinces defence, mine was originally booked in for a week on the 25-06, and since discovering the head was warped and so forth hes now had almost 5 weeks on it as well as everything else. As im using it for mine and the other halfs holiday next week. So i sort of twisted his arm about getting it done and put him in a bit of a hard situation with regards to if he didnt get it done in time i wouldn't be going on holiday. So in his defense, he probably would of had it stripped down and inspected if it wasn't for me. In my opinion with regards to the above, i would let Vince strip it down to then produce and accurate assessment of it all. Once this information is in hand go from there. I will say, regardless of the quality the guy who sold it you is always going to defend his product. its his business, whereas Vince has nothing to gain whether the block is sound or not.
  17. haha, lets see if it gets me home! Then to Leiden next week. :lol:
  18. Things might be looking up, just spoke to sealth and friday collection is looking like its back on WELL CHUFFED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  19. Everyone talking and bumbing this thread no end will help with sale allot aswell! Good luck with the sale and let us know how it goes
  20. With all due respect Paxman, dont ever take up car sales for a living. haha. :lol:
  21. pics about the size of a coaster, gt some better bigger ones uploaded when you can please. Im looking on behalf of a friends whos after one.
  22. Prices have gone mad recently, IMO could charge more, but sell it for whatever you want, less you put it up for quicker it will sell
  23. agree! more pics and an answer to my q though !? Why is it in need of a bumper respray if its just been professionally painted?
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