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  1. Thanks for the replies both. Is the plug located under the leather gaitor, or somewhere else in that area?
  2. Tigerfish

    VR6 airbox

    bump. Still after an airbox, preferably not drilled or messed about with but any considered. cheers
  3. Am I too late for the group buy or can I stick myself down for a set?
  4. Apologies if this has been covered before but I didn't find anything through the help. Does anyone known if the normal plug in type "all in one" odb2 code readers will work, or do I have buy the USB type ones and connect it to my laptop. I already have a reader, and just wanted to know if that should work or not, or if I'm likely to blow something up by trying it? Cheers
  5. When I start my Vr6 up, initially on cranking there is a big old Shaking of the engine (a couple of throws back and forth), would this kit cure that?
  6. I bought a Giant XTC2 with MPH hydraulic brakes a couple of years ago second hand on ebay. A couple of hundred it cost me and I've been really impressed with the weight and performance.
  7. Hi all, great to see there are so many folk that are fish keepers too. I've been keeping fish for nearly 35 years now, and gone through various disasters along the way. It amazes me how much things have changed since the old days. Back then, anything would be kept with anything. A tank clean meant exactly that, net the fish out, empty the whole kit and kaboodle and scrub everything clean. A big no-no in this new age of information. I had to down size my collection when I moved from Derby to Basingstoke. Went from 11 tanks down to two. My main tank is freshwater, 10ftx2ftx2ft which houses my main baby, my black shark (Morulius chrysophekadion). Had her for a little over 14 years so far, from an inch and a half upto the 24" she is now. My only other tank is my 100 gallon reef setup. Absolutely love having the reef, so much going on all the time. Anyone a pond keeper too? That was my project last summer, building my pond.
  8. Thanks for the welcome. Must admit I've not seen many in Basingstoke, saw a red one in the station car park a few weeks back as I was being picked up. I'll get some pics of it over the next few weeks to post up. Busy ebaying all of the stuff in the garage at the moment so that I can get the car put away!! Scarlet, the daily driver is a 2001 Lexus GS430 Sport. A very quick motor for such a big car, but being such a big car does make it little reluctant to go round the corners so rapidly. The pace of the corrado is not far short, but should be much more fun round the bends :)
  9. Unfortunately mine is cracked so after a replacement NS fog lamp. Can collect if local enough to Basingstoke, or posted if farther afield. Cheers.
  10. Tigerfish

    VR6 airbox

    I'm after returning the K&N cone filter setup to the standard airbox (with K&N Panel), does anyone have an airbox for sale? Can pickup if local enough to Basingstoke, or posted if farther afield. Quite happy to do a PX on the cone filter if anyone is wanting to go that route.
  11. Just thought I would do a quick intro. I have very recently bought a 1994 Corrado VR6 as a bit of a project car. When I decided to look at doing a project car, it had to fulfil a couple of things: 1) It had to have similar performance as my daily driver 2) It had to be a going concern (I don't have bottomless pockets so a genuine vintage type car was out the window). The corrado fulfilled both of those criteria quite nicely. On paper, performance should be very close, and it is mainly elctrical gremlins to sort out so nothing too costly (I hope anyway :bonk: ). The idea is that it will be packed away int he garage during the winter, and come out for some summer fun. First job will be getting the polisher out on it, just to bring the painwork back to life. Any other owners in the local area?
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