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24V Renshaw

Polyurethane VR6 front and rear engine mounts inc Fitting Guide

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On my previous Rado I made my own polyurethane inserts for the VR6 front engine mount.

They were simply replacements for the horrible soft "waffle" rubber OEM ones.

They absolutely transformed the engine movement without any noticeable increase in cabin noise/vibration, so I am planning on doing the same in my new VR.


Thing is the uprated mounts you can buy seem ridiculously expensive for what they are and I was thinking about getting a batch of simple replacement inserts made for the standard VR mount, so it should be a very cheap alternative.


Would anyone be interested, or should I just get one made for myself again?


The previous one is still installed and working perfectly in the car under Vicks ownership some 7 years later :)




UPDATE 15/11/11




Complete set front and rear will be £54 delivered.


This will be a complete polyurethane bush set for both the front mount and rear off side mount including stainless steel hardware to fit them.


Those who just want the front one it will be £29 delivered.


In order for me not to have to fork out hundreds of pounds on the off chance people want these I need to take payment first in order to get the batch made.

So if you could please paypal the £54 to me [email protected] as a gift I will get things moving asap.


Currently all taken now, but if you want to be on a reserve list let me know....


1. 24v RenshawBoth (PAID)

2. coullstar Both (PAID)

3. EnthusiastownedBoth (PAID)

4. 3corsameal Both (PAID)

5. Robo22sri Both (PAID)

6. 4eyes2wheels Both (PAID)

7. CazzaVR Both (PAID)

8. iceviolet Both (PAID)

9. lilfuzzer Both (PAID)

10. corrado9a Both (PAID)

11. aide Front (PAID)

12. winchbietch Both (PAID)

13. Stevef182. Both (PAID)

14. Ollie VR6. Both (PAID)

15. VAG-hag Both (PAID)

16. rickdonald Both (PAID)

17. Purple Tom Both (PAID)

18. shaunVR6 Both (PAID)

19. Chrisvw419 Both (PAID)

20. Glosterox. Both (PAID)

21. Useoncedestroy. Both (PAID)

22. Redborbet. Both (PAID)

23. Krishen. Both (PAID)

24. Dan_Storm Both (PAID)

25. iR6 Both (PAID)

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i am about to replace all my mounts, gearbox and engine, was going to make a thread about which i should buy, but not got there yet.


i would be interested in some.

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I would be interested in these, been looking at getting some for a while but been mega busy alately so not had much Corrado time. Things are getting back on track now though.

When i was looking before i found BFI do sets at reasonable prices, but then theres shipping costs etc from the states. Maybe a group buy would solve this? check the link



So what we need to know is what kind of prices would a similar set cost to be made in the uk? Then weigh up the options.

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I'd be interested, Jay. Would it be just front or rear & Gearbox too? I need the others more urgently.

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yeh i'd be interested too please, any pics of your previous creation?

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I'm interested if you can get these fast enough.. I need to renew my front mount asap.

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OK given the interest I will look into costs etc.


Will certainly be able to do the front and rear ones with appropriate shore hardness poly.

The gearbox one is best just OEM

or replaced with a solid G60 type one.


I need one before the end of the month so I will not be messing about!



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Done some initial enquires and need to establish what people would commit to in terms of front mount and rear mount or both?


I am hoping to get this under a total of £40/50 for both front and rear inserts.


So could you please state front/rear/both and I will start a list.





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